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Misuse of administrative tools by azwiki admins[edit]

[removed comment - was duplicated at/from Requests_for_comment/Do_something_about_azwiki#Misuse_of_administrative_tools_by_azwiki_admins.]

Help me[edit]

I don't know the way to create Requests for comment. Please help me. This is my content. It's very important and very critical.

The regulation on Vietnamese Wikipedia opposed Checkuser policy of Wikimedia Foundation

I am a Wikipedian on Vietnamese Wikipedia. Some members on Vietnamese Wikipedia including ThiênĐế98 (talk · contribs), CVQT (talk · contribs), Thienhau2003 (talk · contribs) created a regulation named “Voting regulation on Vietnamese Wikipedia” which is contradictory to Checkuser policy of Wikimedia Foundation on Vietnamese Wikipedia. The Article 20 of this rule holds that after the election for approving local CheckUsers, Administrators, Bureaucrats close and 15 extended days the candidate is elected by pro/con rate without considering the required total number of votes. This means that CheckUsers is approved if there are 5 votes therein 4 supports and 1 oppose while the CheckUser policy of Wikimedian Foundation presents that “On a wiki without an Arbitration Committee that meets the criterion above, or in a project where there is a preference for independent elections, the community may approve local CheckUsers (stewards not counting as local CheckUsers) per consensus. The CheckUser candidate status must request it within the local community and advertise this request properly (village pump, mailing list when available, special request page, etc.). The candidate must be familiar with the privacy policy. After gaining consensus (at least 70%–80% in pro/con voting or the highest number of votes in multiple choice elections) in the local community, and with at least 25–30 editors' approval”. This Article also holds that after 10 extended days from closing date of voting, the regulation is approved without considering the required total number of votes. This means that the regulation is appointed with only one support. The format of “Voting regulation on Vietnamese Wikipedia” looks like a legal document of Vietnam Government. It uses the template of Vietnamese legal document. There are only 15 members join the voting about this regulation therein 5 members support the Article 20 while we have more than 1200 members with voting right. After ThiênĐế98 (talk · contribs) declares the regulation is approved by community, we opposed him by showing the CheckUser policy of Wikimedian Foundation but his partner Thienhau2003 (talk · contribs) created the official regulation without considering our opposing. Before the voting about this regulation there is a Vietnamese Wikipedian has been threatened that he will be arrested by police because of writing on Wikipedia. We are afraid this is an attempt of Vietnam Government to take control of Vietnamese Wikipedia. We are in danger. Everyone feels Vietnamese Wikipedia is not a safe place now. Please help us. Michel9090 (talk) 13:35, 17 December 2019 (UTC)

Moved discussion to Requests for comments/The regulation on Vietnamese Wikipedia opposed Checkuser policy of Wikimedia Foundation#Discussion. EllenCT (talk) 20:59, 20 December 2019 (UTC)