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Latest comment: 11 years ago by MF-Warburg

The following comments were made by IPs long after the request was closed (diff). --MF-W 17:32, 12 July 2013 (UTC)Reply

  • It is a fact and it is undeniable that there is a portuguese european language and culture and a portuguese brazilian very distinct language and culture. They have very peculiar differences in sentences construction, very genuine sets of nouns and idioms in use, pronounciation and different attitude in oral and written use of european and brazilian languages of portuguese. Brasil and Portugal have set two different cultures. Althoug it is easy for an european portuguese to listen, to read and understand brazilian language and vice-versa, it is really annoying to have to stand and cope with the differences. That tempts the european portuguese wiki reader to do the edition of brazilian wiki texts into the european portuguese language, and that is not acceptable, with reason, to the brazilian writer and reader.
 Besides the language in itself there are other distinct and very particularities between the two cultures, e.g. History and Law. They are different in Portugal and in Brazil.
 In Law it is particularly striking. The same subjects have quite distinct dispositions and peculiarities that are not interchangeable and are useless from brazilian to portuguese and vice-versa. And in this particularity, the Law, it is a nonsense to forbid the existence of distinct wiki sets, one for european portuguese Law and a distinct set for the brazilian law.
 Actually when a european portuguese reader searches law issues he/she only can find brazilian law issues, not a single european portuguese law issue. 
 So the "Jon Harald Søby 13:54, 12 April 2007 (UTC)"  Requests for new languages. This proposal has been rejected." proibition is a total nonsense and ought to be reviewed and rejected itself by the Wikipedia.
 That prohibition is inhibitory to the implementation of the european portuguese law article issues on the wikipedia. Every time an european portuguese searches wiki for european portuguese Law  he/she finds nothing but useless brazilian portuguese Law.
 The portuguese reader ought to be  entitled to find and to implement a disntinct section on european portuguese Law, completely apart and distinct from the brazilian portuguese Law section. They are unmixable and untranslationable. One cannot substitute the other.
 What actually exists is only the brazilian portuguese Law section, as if it could represent both european and brazilian, and it can not. They are different and are will be better kept apart and published in different sections, as the brazillian already present, and the european that is missing. 
 It would not be fair nor wise for a european editor to change the brazilian text on  brazilian Law with european portuguese Law, or mix both in the same issue Law pages. 
In order to avoid brazilian-european obligatory conflicts, loss of issues text contributions edition on european portuguese Law, and the right to european portuguese law genuine identity publication in wiki for the use of european portuguese citizens cessation of Jon Harald Søby prohibition is a must.
 European portuguese hava a right to use their own and genuine way of expression and to have to edit and access to the  particular Law and Culture of Portugal that cannot be confused and substituted by the Brazilian portuguese distinct culture of Brazil. This is not a question of encyclopaedia versus encyclopedia but a lot more that cannot be ignored. It is not acceptable.
 Actually brazilian portuguese should be accepted as a distinct language, just as brazilian, .br, and culture derived from the portuguese language of Portugal, .pt, language through the hybridization with other cultures on Brazil and with distinct syntaxes. They are trully different though still easily intertranslationable and interunderstandable.

    "We already have Portuguese Wikipedia. --Yes0song 11:13, 9 April 2007 (UTC)" is a serious misleading argument. Wikipedia.pt should be Wikipedia.br.  Portugal contribution to Wikipedia is praticaly negligible.Reply
     Many people around the world think they learned to speak portuguese when in fact they learned to speak brasilian and not portuguese.

   "If the Brazilian editors are truly unreasonable, you should start a "Guerrilla European Portuguese" movement!" This is completely thoughtless, foolish and ignorant!  Brazilian have the right to their own syntax, nouns and culture distinct specificities. That has to be respected. No one has the right to change or edit that, the brazilian with portuguese . The same applies to the true portuguese. They have the right to use their genuine syntax and nouns and to preserve their own way to make their language evolve according to different and independent criteria. Brasilian is not the same as Portuguese. That ought to be respected. Neither specificities should be lost. Both are precious and must be preserved. That means that a wiki.br and a wiki.pt both are  warranted and due to the respective citizens brazilians and portugueses.