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Universal Code of Conduct/Enforcement draft guidelines review[edit]


'Preventive work (articles 1 and 2 UCOC)'[edit]

'Responsive work (article 3 UCOC)'[edit]

'Principles for processing and filing of reported cases'[edit]

'Providing resources for processing cases'[edit]

'Types of violations and enforcement mechanism / groups'[edit]

'Recommendations for the reporting and processing tool'[edit]

'Recommendations for local enforcement structures'[edit]

'Recommendations for how to process appeals'[edit]

Open questions for the Community[edit]

Escalation: Where do the complaints go, what instance/body/judge is supposed to process them.[edit]

Regulations for appeal (after the previous question "Where do the complaints go" has been answered).[edit]

Should the U4C committee also decide individual cases or process appeals?[edit]

When should someone be able to initiate an appeal for a UCoC violation?[edit]

What kinds of behavior or evidence would we want to see before granting an appeal?[edit]

Who should handle the appeals process?[edit]

How often should someone be allowed to appeal a UCoC violation decision?[edit]

To what extent should individual Wikimedia projects be allowed to decide how they enforce the UCoC?[edit]

How will people be chosen for the U4C committee?[edit]

Our current recommended list of users include, but are not limited to: CheckUsers, oversighters, bureaucrats, administrators of local projects, arbitration committee members, Wikimedia Foundation employees, Affiliates, etc.

Should an interim committee be formed while the "U4C" committee is being created?[edit]

Should global conduct committees, such as the Technical Code of Conduct committee, be merged into the proposed U4C?[edit]

General comments[edit]