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The timeline is really tight, all major information needs to be finalized by September 23, and the final decision is on October 6.


  • Responsible: Greenman
  • The Cape Town Convention Centre has been chosen, as it's the most viable venue to handle an event like this at that time.
  • Ramon Thomas is approaching them to discuss price

Tourism info[edit]

The Cape Town Convention Bureau (CTCB) are providing bid documentation, with ample tourism information, based on their experience in bidding for major international events.

Draft Document[edit]

    • Excuse me, but I'm a picky proof-reader :-) Stefanor
    • Can we put a CC licence on the bid? :-) Stefanor
    • A bit glitzy maybe? The first part seems to me to be low on content and high on bling. It improves later. Stefanor
    • Page 8:
      • "Wilimedia" should read "Wikimania" Stefanor
      • "Wikimedia 2008" should read "Wikimania 2008" Stefanor
      • We should mention the number of local languages represented in Wikipedia. Stefanor
      • It should say more than just hotbed of FOSS, it should mention open media in general (CC), and the interesting uses of FOSS, and projects like wikipedia. Think wizzy.com, think TuxLabs, with their local wikipedia mirrors. Stefanor
    • Page 11:
      • Bad typography: " ......" should be "…" Stefanor
      • Bad typography: use of hypehns instead of n-dases or m-dashes (this applies throughout the document) Stefanor
    • Page 12:
      • Bad typography: You can't have a dash as the first character on a line, especially when it's a hyphen posing as a dash. Stefanor
    • Page 13:
      • Some mention should be made of Cape Town's fantastic restaurant scene. Stefanor
      • Mention Namibian and/or independent breweries. Nobody in their right mind should touch SAB's stuff... Stefanor
    • Page 14:
      • It should be noted that prepaid SIM cards can be bought for R2 (or thereabouts) at Pick 'n Pay (or wherever). Much more cost effective than rental, but you need to make sure that your Cellphone is compatible with our networks.
      • Are we sure that an international drivers licence is required? I wasn't aware of that. In fact I'm pretty damn sure it's incorrect. Stefanor
      • Some petrol stations take credit cards, but they are rare. Example, Constantia Village. Stefanor
      • Typography: Space before "Visas" shouldn't be there. Same applies to "Customs". Stefanor
    • Page 16:
      • Is that a space before "cape town townships" ? Stefanor
    • Page 17:
      • "World Congress on Anesthesiologist"? "gy" surely? Stefanor
      • Participant counts should *all* be right-aligned Stefanor
      • "CondÈ Nast"? Capitalisation... Stefanor
      • All the quotes appear as "ì" and "î" to me. Can a Windows user confirm this? Hell, screw that, Fix it! Stefanor
      • "Bet Overall Destination" should read "Best"... Stefanor
      • "Fifth among all the world cities b Travel"... " b " ? Stefanor
    • Page 17:
      • "Cape Town s" is missing an apostrophe. Stefanor
    • Page 18:
      • It should be noted that the WiFi isn't free. Stefanor
    • Page 22:
      • Why is there a map of Africa together with the airline map. They don't seem related. Stefanor
    • Page 23:
      • "Our clients have access..." This entire paragraph seems out of place. It's aimed at us, not the Wikimania board. Stefanor
      • Good value for money is to be found with local Bead and Breakfasts. They might be quite a drive away, though... Stefanor
      • "– depending on hotel availability" The dash makes no sense. Stefanor
      • Peak Periods / Season Rates. This stuff is unnecessary. We are bidding for a specific timeframe. Stefanor
    • Page 24-25:
      • Hotels opening in 2009 aren't relevant. Stefanor
    • Page 26:
      • "This is a time"... Is there a space before the "This"? Stefanor
      • "South AfricanTheme" should have a space between "African" and "Theme". Stefanor
      • "is but a 15 minute drive" doesn't read well. Stefanor
      • "Theree Hundreds" incorrect plural Stefanor
      • Some mention of our party plans. Vhata? Stefanor
    • Page 31:
      • Typographically speaking, the full stop should go inside the quotes (first paragraph) Stefanor
      • Another line begun with a dash. Non-breaking spaces are the answer. Stefanor
      • "m2" should read "m²" Stefanor
    • Page 40:
Fantastic, thanks Stefanor for the detailed proofread. I will fix as I upload into the wiki. The glitz may not work in the wiki context, but it hopefully give the impression the conference is being organised professionally. I've been given permission to use a free licence as well. Go iCommons! Greenman 13:47, 21 September 2007 (UTC)Reply

Letters of support[edit]

We will probably be getting a letter of support from the Mayor of Cape Town, as well as the Premier of the Western Cape. The CTCB are assisting with this


A list of potential sponsors needs to be drawn up, and approached

Possible sponsors[edit]

  • IOL - Greenman to approach their marketing manager
  • Ramon to approach other sponsors and report back by 21st Sept.

Existing sponsorship[edit]

  1. Zoopy have agreed to cover the event and provide video footage.
  2. Jacques Marneweck has offered to supply two BSD boxes to be used for streaming audio, streamed to the US from his boxes in the US.


Venues need to be arranged for the two main parties of the event

Sponsors party (30-40 people)[edit]

  1. Needs to be chic and high profile according to the requirements
  2. Suggestions: Krugmann's, Societe Bistro (lots of choices here!)

Attendees party (350-400 people)[edit]

  1. Needs to be cool and relaxed according to the requirements
  2. Suggestions: Convention centre itself?

Pricing inc. VAT, for 400 people in Clivia Conservatory and Jasminum Restaurant:

Coctails Buffet R 75 240.00
Estimated Beverages R 61 560.00
Total R 136 800.00

Write intro[edit]

  • Responsible: Greenman
  • Done, and submitted to Convention Bureau


Some photos will be provided by the CTCB and conference centre

I'm chasing up with the CTICC, they assure me their images will be in the public domain.

Location map[edit]

  • Responsible: Please volunteer

Perhaps use openstreetmap


  • Responsible: Greenman (someone's gotta do it)
  • I have seen the Taipei budget - it contains confidential information, so the details aren't going online, but I'll share it with other members of the bid team if asked.
  • I'll put together a high level budget based upon the potential sponsors, accommodation costs, etc

Parking information[edit]

  • Responsible: Please volunteer

Hacking days locations[edit]

  • Responsible: Please volunteer

Social area locations[edit]

  • Responsible: Please volunteer

Internet access[edit]

  • Responsible: Please volunteer
  • Jonathan, you mentioned knowing the person who's responsible for wireless access at the convention centre, can you jump in here?


  • Responsible: Please volunteer


  • Responsible: Please volunteer
  • Neil to provide list of nearby hotels.

The Convention Centre will help with this, needs to work in conjunction with the budget!

  • Ideally will be very close to the convention centre


  • Arabella-Sheraton?
  • Dorms anywhere?
    • UCT has been approached - I have their application/information forms here and I have emailed Avril Beukes (Student Housing), Moonira Khan (Executive Director of Student affairs) and Katherine Thomson (in the Science Faculty office) to ask about sponsorship - Jonathan Hitchcock 14:47, 18 September 2007 (UTC)Reply
  • Old Cape Sun/Holiday Inn




  • Responsible: Greenman
  • A lot of info being provided by CTCB as well
    • Flight costs
    • Airport shuttle service?
      • Organise our own?
    • Arranged tours?
    • Info about ZA public transport (pull from wikitravel)
      • Costs?
    • Info about nearby attractions:
      • Long St
      • Nearby restaurants
      • Waterfront
      • ?
  • Invitation
  • Sponsors!
  • Climate:
    • Link to weathersa
  • South African law & culture
  • Interested press
  • Exchange rates
  • Pros Cons:
    • Flesh out everything
    • Venue pros & cons
    • CPT city pros & cons
    • ZA pros & cons


See the Talk:Wikimania_2008/Bids/Cape Town/logo page, as the images are getting crowded here. Greenman 15:41, 12 September 2007 (UTC)Reply

Who's helping[edit]

Add your names here.

IRC Channel: #wikimania2008 on furion.org.

Carbon neutral?[edit]

Will the conference and the flights to it be carbon neutral? -- Jeandré, 2007-08-24t20:09z

Would be great, but would need organisers - I hope you're volunteering :) Greenman 20:50, 24 August 2007 (UTC)Reply
Nope, sorry. -- Jeandré, 2007-08-25t19:53z

50 Party[edit]

There's a 50 party happening at Deer Park on September 15th. The aim being to gather about 150 People who have a shared interest in open-content and free-digital-culture in SA, as well as some buzz for a last minute push before the bids close. Sign up at on the website if you're interested. Greenman 12:42, 5 September 2007 (UTC)Reply

If you like to know, I am glad to share.[edit]

Hi, Wikimania 2008 bidders,

I was informed by an Alexandria bidder that it is necessary for bidders to take a look of the WM07 budget, for your better imagination and calculation. I would love to share these information with you, and I have already started to write a summary report in detail for better organization of Wikimania. (Though it is still in Chinese currently) As a member of the Wikimania 2008 bidding jury, I hope every bidding team are on the same ground. So, there's nothing I have already told to Alexandria.

The budget is in my Google docs and spreadsheets. I think it will be good that every bidding team could let one person to read the WM07 budget. However, we had signed some agreements with confidential obligations, so I hope that the person who I share the budget with could help me on this. Don't show it to people not related to your bidding. If it is not hard for you to follow, then please inform me the person's email. :)

Titan Deng | Theodoranian--theodoranian 17:25, 13 September 2007 (UTC) Wikimania 2007 CoordinatorReply

Air fares[edit]

Please provide air fares. I strongly suggest to provide true numbers (it's weird, seems that in the bids usually a cipher gets lost or the currecy exchange rate is incredibly good), since I'll check all of them on expedia.

My scenario includes:

  • 3-10 aug 2008
  • roundtrip
  • all extra included (fuel, airport and national taxes, booking, fuel surcharge, any extra to have a 15kg luggage)
  • ticket bought online (usually expedia)

Please, comply ASAP. --Jollyroger 10:51, 17 September 2007 (UTC)Reply

Thanks Jollyroger, we'll have this information for you before the 23rd. Note that our proposed dates are in July though. Greenman 13:31, 17 September 2007 (UTC)Reply
Please be sure to provide those infos before the deadline, to have them properly checked (in the past, the given numbers resulted to be wrong by thousands of dollars, so it is advisable to have a look at them before choosing...)--Jollyroger 07:44, 18 September 2007 (UTC)Reply
We've started putting up airfares (for Europe and Africa so far). Flying 14-22nd July, all taxes and so forth included. -- Nbm 12:00, 19 September 2007 (UTC)Reply
Perfect thanks.
Price exteems seems correct. I found a line flight from Rome at 815 € (lufthansa-south african airlines; south african airlines-british, connection in Frankfurt), while LH only costs 893 with a wide offer.
Anyway, your exteem is a fair medium-price offer, a reliable data. --Jollyroger 10:27, 20 September 2007 (UTC)Reply
I've added more columns to make it easier to work out how we got the pricing we did. And I picked up on that cheaper Rome flight, too. - Stefanor 19:20, 20 September 2007 (UTC)Reply
Also, jollyroger, please note that Expedia just doesn't get decent pricing on some routes. This is a long time in advance, and many airlines haven't got pricing for it yet. The following, I had to do by hand, because neither Expedia or Opodo gave me anything sensible: Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Delhi. When you see the pricing go over $3000, you know you are going to have to do it yourself - Stefanor 20:54, 20 September 2007 (UTC)Reply
Point is: It's important to have a common way to evaluate the prices (return-allincluded). Last year, someone showed prices without taxes (or that could only be one-way tickets) and succeeded in fooling the Wikimania commission.
I require anyone to show verifiable prices; with tax, surcharges and booking included; return tickets.
Then, if I can now see that your price is 1000$ and your opponent's is 500%, I can have a fair idea even if in a few months the first price will change to 500%, and the second will presumably be 250$.
But to evaluate fairly the bids, all the offers should be made on a common base. --Jollyroger 08:18, 21 September 2007 (UTC)Reply
I don't really know what to do then, but I've made our pricing as transparent as possible. Most of the routes can be found on expedia / opodo. Most of the flights go through reagonal hubs, so every region should have similar pricing, but cheaper if you live at the hub. When I couldn't get sane (or any at all) prices from expedia / opodo, I found local flights to a hub we had already priced, and quoted that. Transparent enough? Stefanor 09:36, 21 September 2007 (UTC)Reply
I am not questioning your prices right now, they are mostly correct (since the method you used is near to the principles stated above). Others have far less reliable exteems, without taxes and IMHO way too low.--Jollyroger 12:09, 21 September 2007 (UTC)Reply

Living expenses[edit]

If someone has time to update the living expenses according to the latest exchange rates before tonight's deadline, please do so :) Greenman 10:01, 22 September 2007 (UTC)Reply

Public meeting[edit]

The public meeting will be Sunday 15h00 UTC (which is 17h00 our time) - a really bad time in the middle of a long weekend, but please join me :) Greenman 10:01, 22 September 2007 (UTC)Reply

CTICC sponsorship?[edit]

This is not very clear from your bid, so is somebody sponsoring the costs of renting CTICC, or how do you expect to pay for it? en:User:Jpatokal 09:41, 23 September 2007 (UTC)Reply

Yes, we'll get sponsorship to pay for it. Greenman 09:54, 23 September 2007 (UTC)Reply


Hi, I searched for flight between Kansai International and Cape Town, and found 119,000 JPY, Qatar Airline (via Qatar). While it is the late autumn flight, but I guess you could find less expensive ones than the prices now you are listing... --Aphaia 07:07, 25 September 2007 (UTC)Reply


Hi, while time is running out it may be useful to enhance the overview to provide a better analysis of the various stakeholders and role players in government and in the community. We have Ivy, Pallo, Jay, Pandor et al and the Pan African Language Board. How do they feature in the scheme of things? 06:54, 29 September 2007 (UTC)Reply