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Dear Gnangarra and wikimedians from Perth,
Thank you for your gracious offers to host Wikimania in your cities. Organising this event is hard work; we’re grateful and appreciative of your offer to do so. For the 2019 edition of the event we’ve been looking at a number of factors: Travel-wise accessible, reasonably priced lodgings, plenty of universities, and GLAM institutions for new outreach and engagement. An important part of the Wikimedia strategic direction is to make sure the entire world can access knowledge through our projects, and we were also looking at diversity and making sure the event travels among different language communities, giving them a chance to use it as a way to engage their surroundings.
Wikimania has grown and evolved and it has become challenging under the current process to find a fair and optimal outcome. Consequently we've been exploring improvements to this process.
Looking at what we’re doing with Stockholm Wikimania, we are trying to get away from the model of the local community doing all the work; we’re hoping to involve more of the entire region.
Wikimedians who want to be part of Wikimania are central to that and hope to achieve a different kind of collaboration with the newly proposed format we will pilot for Wikimania 2020.
We really appreciate your involvement in the Wikimedia movement and your support to Wikimania!
Iolanda Pensa / iopensa on behalf of the Wikimania Committee and the event team at Wikimedia Foundation.
iopensa (talk) 13:41, 11 June 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]