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Here is a proposal which can serve as the basis of a discussion. The article numbers are not important.

Executive Committee

Article 13

The Committee is authorized to carry out all acts that further the purposes of the association. It is authorized to manage the Organization's business.

Article 14

The Committee is composed of at least (…) members elected by the General Assembly. Each member's term of office shall last for (...) and renewable (…) times. The Committee meets as often as required.

Article 15

The Committee members act voluntarily and can only be compensated for their effective and travel costs. Eventual fees cannot exceed that paid for official commissions. For activities exceeding the usual function, each committee member can receive appropriate compensation.

The paid employees of the association have only a consultative vote in the committee.

Article 16

The functions of the Committee are:

  • to take all measures to attain the goals of the Association;
  • to convene General Assemblies;
  • to take decisions with regard to admission of new members, to resignations of members, and to their possible expulsion;
  • to ensure the Statutes are applied, to draft rules of procedure, and to administer the assets of the Association.
Article 17

The association shall be validly bound by the individual / joint signature of (...). (Example: President or member of the Committee not named).

Draft proposal[edit]

Thank you very much for the input, G., I hope that I have formed it into a proposal suitable for our resolution to be discussed and decided on in the Sunday meeting. See here. Ziko (talk) 09:01, 19 April 2013 (UTC)Reply