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Mid-March follow-up[edit]


Just a short status update about the allocation of staff dedicated to the Toolserver and the upcoming migration to Tool Labs:

WMF and WMDE have both allocated staff so that we are now a small team to build Tool Labs, to prepare the migration of projects and to help users migrate their software.

At WMF, Marc Pelletier started to build Tool Labs, the project inside Labs in which it will be possible to run tools (and partly already is). Marc sends weekly status updates about his progress on labs-l and on toolserver-l. Sumana Harihareswara collects feedback to improve documentation about Labs and Tool Labs. She also helps us to organize workshops. Also, we are in touch with Ryan Lane's Labs team.

At WMDE I work with RENDER deveoloper Johannes Kroll and Lydia Pintscher. Johannes Kroll is going to migrate RENDER once this is technically possibly. Afterwards, he will use his experience to support other projects during migration if they wish so. No developer wanting to migrate his or her tools shall be left alone. Lydia Pintscher is going to support the team in community communications from April on.

I am confident that WMF and WMDE set up a very team to offer a suitable alternative to the toolserver in mid-term and to help users as good as possible when it comes to migrating. We will keep you posted about the development. Don't hesitate to ask us questions!

In addition, WMDE decided to support the two toolserver admins by paying another admin. The job announcement has been published here and we are looking forward to job applications from the community!

A short outlook to the Amsterdam Hackathon: The crew presented above will take part in the Hackathon in May to inform you about the status of Tool Labs. We will offer a workshop about migrating and help users willing to migrate in the Hacking area to try Tool Labs or to move over their software. You can apply for a travel scholarship at WMNL until April 20th. Hope to see you in Amsterdam!

Silke WMDE (talk) 09:47, 18 March 2013 (UTC)Reply