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Truncated map of Europe[edit]

I suppose that the map without Russia and Belarus is because there are no plans of getting them involved in the initiative due to the invasion of Ukraine, but the truncated map is a very unfortunate way to indicate their ineligibility (Why simply not mark them with another colour that explains it?). Furthermore, the initiative gathers Wikimedia affiliates, not official state representatives, so it's harsh to clamp down on the Wikimedians from those two countries simply because their state authorities conduct activities they're not happy with (Note that Wikimedians from Russia and Belarus have faced problems with the authorities for being openly against the invasion.).--Kiril Simeonovski (talk) 07:14, 28 June 2023 (UTC)Reply

AFAIK, they are ineligible because the criterion to be part of WM-EU is to belong to a territory which is part of the Council of Europe, which unfortunatelly is not the case of those territories.--TaronjaSatsuma (talk) 22:23, 18 July 2023 (UTC)Reply
Even if that's the case, the truncated map is not the right way to indicate it (see the map in the infobox of Council of Europe).--Kiril Simeonovski (talk) 21:49, 19 July 2023 (UTC)Reply