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Are there any guidelines as to the width and height of the logo in pixels? I'm asking because rescaling can make pixel art look ugly. --Neitram 12:18, 19 Oct 2004 (UTC)

The width should be at most 135 pixels. BTW, did you create the newspaper image as a bitmap or a vector graphic?--Eloquence
Thanks. In that case I'll do a smaller version, hopefully by tomorrow. I created it as a bitmap using Photoshop. The font is Times New Roman. I don't have Illustrator or any other good vector graphic program. But I can create higher-resolution versions of the bitmap image (e.g. for printing needs). --Neitram 15:15, 19 Oct 2004 (UTC)
Have you tried inkscape? The Linux version is very nice, and there are Windows builds available as well.-Eloquence

Would it be possible to completely revise the skin for a newspaper, to bring it closer to your normal publication website? See the Chicago Tribune, Globe and Mail, [ The Toronto Star], Australia's The Age. Of the newspapers that came to my mind, only the The Sun (London), and the Canadian Sun chain, all cheasy, lower class tabloids. Seems like the shape of the logo says more than you'd think. -- user:zanimum

Random logo idea[edit]

Don't know if anyone could take inspiration from...

Probably not. Oh well. Tom- 23:55, 11 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Corporate identity?[edit]

Perhaps a little bit late: I think the logos of the Wikimedia projects should all look nearly the same (same font, same kind of logo) and should not be in the GNU-FDL. The creators should give the copyright to the Wikimedia Foundation. So people could instantly see, that they are on a Wikimedia site, an nobody could pretend to host a Wikimedia site, because it would not be allowed to use the logos. Otherwise someone could use websites like "" with a homepage, that looks the same as the Wikipedia homepage, but with links that install dialers for example.

News Paper Like Font[edit]

I think that the word WikiNews, or at least a 'W' should be in the font, like those used by The New York times, or other acredited newspapers.

How does this work when we need a Punjabi, Cherokee, or Vietnamese logo?

Logo Design Direction[edit]

There have been some great ideas for the WikiNews logo, and some interesting points brought up about how it should look.

I my opinion, I think the logo should be too closely related to the WikiMedia logo because it looks cooler than yours does(e.g. like the WM Commons logo) as WN is *not* a "meta" project. Foundation, Meta, and Commons all are cross-project projects, whereas WP, WQ, WN etc are projects in themselves.

Some of the things to think about when developing the logo are who the target audience is, who the writers are, and the scope of the project. As far as I can see, this is a news service that has global reach, but also contains local and community based content. Having a globe as part of the logo emphasises the global content, but not any of the community/local stuff. I don't think the intent is to be in competition with CNN, BBC or other news monoliths, but to provide a service that is based on collaboration and is NPOV.

To this end, I'm not sure if WikiNews is a long-term viable project. Journalists are supposed to be reporting from a NPOV in any case, and as it looks like articles still have to be approved, WN is not doing anything different except displaying yet-to-be-approved articles live. Perhaps I have the wrong idea, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, the logo should show the concepts of global, local and community relevance, information flow, events, and so forth. The colours can involve the article status colours, but be able to be reduced to black and white for use across different media.

Simplicity should be a key requirement, as complex shapes are not as easily recognisable, or as easily scaled. See how the Meta, WQ and commons logos are scaled down to favicons and are still recognisable. The Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wiktionary, and WikiSource logos are too complex to be seen easily at the favicon sizes, so a "W" is substituted. If WikiNews is going to become a major newswire service, where other news websites use the WN articles, or utilise RSS feeds from WN, then a small, simple, but recognisable logo is needed.

This is the basis for how I will develop a few suggestions in the next few days or so. Add your ideas here as well.

Neolux 06:40, 5 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Brevity's Logos[edit]

Definitely going for one of the logos by Brevity. They are strong designs, and look professional.


The propisition and new article of the world logo champioships[[Media[[Image:Example.jpg]]]]]] ended yesterday, so where ist the voting? i hope there will be a voting, i haven't seen anything about that...
bored of that, I a created such a voting-page (see below). But how should be voted? everyone posts his/her ~~ below the suggestion and the most-voted wins? one possible way. another (a bit simillar to International logo vote):

The 30 logo suggestions (some with variants - see below) will be reduced to about 7 in the first voting:
max 5 votes/each user. max 1 vote per suggestion/each user (not 5 votes for suggestion-number xx by one user).
only votes (by adding "~~") from
a) registered members of wikinews and wikimedia with a existing userpage (the wikimedia-userpage can redirect to the wikinews-userpage) who made at least 5 changes on wikinews
b) users who made a suggestion for this proposal
are counted.
After one week (?) the 7 suggestion(sets) with the most votes go for final-voting:
same rules as above, but everyone has now 7 votes which can be scaled from 1 (very bad) to 5 (very good) to all finalists. The suggestion(set) with the highest average-score wins. If there is a tie, the logo with the higher number of votes wins (e.g. 4.75 score at 80 votes beats 4.75 score at 40 votes).

what do you think of that? - and what do you think of that:

the proposal did not end yesterday - it says that the proposal round will last until 21 december at least. So far I find none of the logos wholly convincing. there are good ideas, yes, but all could be improved. --Elian 21:45, 23 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • Proposal submission ends Jan 15 2005 and let's stick to that! We need a logo ASAP! Dan100 15:33, 9 Jan 2005 (UTC)
  • For voting, let's just have a straight-forward single-round - whoever gets the most votes wins. Dan100 15:33, 9 Jan 2005 (UTC)

It's time to vote[edit]

As an active editor on Wikinews, it's plain that we need a good new logo, and as soon as possible. We now have plenty of proposals and it really is time to chose. I hope everyone will support the commencement of the voting stage in the very near future so we can move forwards. We cannot put this off any longer, several previous 'end dates' for logo proposals have come and gone for little benefit. All that's achieved is to leave us with the horrid existing logo for longer.

We do not need any fancy voting systems, with 'rounds' or whatever. I propose that voting lasts for seven days commencing from Jan 16, a voter can vote for more than logo, but only once for any one logo.

Let's get this moving. Dan100 19:21, 14 Jan 2005 (UTC)

  • I should further add that as I am one of the very few current editors of Wikinews, I know exactly how quiet it is over there, and exactly how much it needs a shot in the arm to even keep it going, let alone increase traffic. A new logo could be just that boost. We need it, now. Dan100 19:34, 14 Jan 2005 (UTC)

The Wikinews logo-contest voting[edit]

rules added here

1. Drawing hands[edit]

drawing hands by Eloquence


2. Writing on earth[edit]

writing on earth by Squash


3. Current logo draft[edit]

current logo draft more dynamic perspective by Neitram


4. news W[edit]

news W by Stw


5. Illuminated worldmap[edit]

Illuminated worldmap by Väsk



Pipes logo by Breviti zanimum variant of "pipes logo" variant by zanimum Heartbeat version Heartbeat variant by Breviti

see also Image:wikinews-brevity.pdf


7. Newspapersheets[edit]

Newspapersheets by Breviti


8. Globe[edit]

Globe by Väsk


9. Simple wordmark[edit]

simple wordmark 1 simple wordmark 2 simple wordmark 3 all versions by Zanimum


10. Globe reading[edit]

Globe reading by JulioHerrera variant without globe variant without world by Väsk


11. "Wikinews" in other scripts[edit]

"Wikinews" in other scripts by Tussikanin


12. Green flower[edit]

Green flower by Squash


13. Globe 2[edit]

Globe 2 by Jossifresco


14. Abstract clock[edit]

Abstract clock abstract clock variant both versions by David Vasquez


15. Newsreel-like[edit]

Newsreel-like by RadicalBender


16. Globe with waves[edit]

Globe with waves by Jasonp55


17. Red square[edit]

Globe with waves by zdenek schee


18. Earth on paper[edit]

Earth on paper by anarchitect


19. Man reading newspaper[edit]

Man reading a newspaper by zanimum


20. 3D-newspapersheets[edit]

3D-newspapersheets by Guillôme

see also Wikinews/Logo/Other versions by Guillaume


21. Colored waves[edit]

Colored waves by Fenkman


22. Ribbon arround the world[edit]

Ribbon arround the world by Daniel_Dolinsky


23. Giant "W"[edit]

Giant "W" by Squash


24. Newsticker on worldmap[edit]

Newsticker on worldmap by Threedots


suggestions from Wikipedia-Logo contest in '03













expecting comments & suggestions -- Threedots 02:17, 23 Dec 2004 (UTC)

I have extended the deadline until January 15. I don't believe the current selection of logos is large enough yet. I've also invited designers of existing logos to participate in the contest.--Eloquence 13:10, 24 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Would people bother giving some comments and critics on all the logos here? IMHO, we now have enough choice, and avoiding further delays wouldn't be much of a bad thing, but many logos could consequently be improved... including mine. Please help us "logo-designers" by giving a tiny bit of feed-back. This could for example avoid having something like the commons-logo : really good but badly drawn. If we set 15 jan as a definitive dead-line, please get this page's activity cracking right now. Guillôme 23:28, 10 Jan 2005 (UTC)