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Hi, what about some update? The list is quite outdated as some smaller projects are growing faster than others... so the bottom part of the list is practically useless. If some bot is used, such work is pretty easy and no difficult edit is to be made. --Aktron 22:36, 6 September 2008 (UTC)

Wikinews Albania[edit]

The albanian Wikinews was oppened, can you insert it? Thanks -- 10:06, 20 March 2011 (UTC)

Congratulations! I'll see how to do that. - Amgine/meta wikt wnews blog wmf-blog goog news 20:50, 20 March 2011 (UTC)[edit]

Why "this" is not updated?--محک 14:43, 23 August 2011 (UTC)

Discussion about the future of German Wikinews[edit]

I would like to draw your attention to the recent discussion on the future of German Wikinews there and on German Wikipedia. No one reads here, if you want to take part in the discussion please address the local communities there in German. Thanks.--Aschmidt (talk) 22:45, 18 June 2012 (UTC)

Locked wikis[edit]

Can locked wikis (like hu, nl, sd, th) be highlighted in the table, for example by strikethrough (<s></s>)? --PICAWN (talk) 18:06, 11 December 2012 (UTC)

Proposal to close Wikinews in all languages[edit]

Please see Talk:Proposals_for_closing_projects#Close_Wikinews_completely.2C_all_languages.3F. Note that I did not propose this. πr2 (t • c) 19:34, 26 March 2013 (UTC)

If this were a serious proposal (though I can't imagine how any intelligent, sane person would take it seriously), this would be clearly an inadequate place to notify people of it. --Pi zero (talk) 19:59, 28 March 2013 (UTC)

Please Re-open Wikinews Thai[edit]

Please Open Wikinews Thai Please I want writing.--Parintar (talk) 08:26, 26 October 2015 (UTC)

CC BY 3.0 compatibility?[edit]

Hello, I do not know if this is the best place to ask, but I have found all other places (like the Wikinews-l mailing list) rather inactive, so hopefully someone finds it here and possibly shares their point of view or points me to a better place to ask: Wikinews still runs on the CC BY 2.5 license (which dates from June 2005). An institution has started distributing their press releases and other news articles under CC BY 3.0 CZ and there are editors who would like to reuse this content on (Czech) Wikinews. Are they allowed to do this? Please note that there is no ShareAlike clause in that content's license – it is just the version numbers that do not match. Is CC BY 3.0 somehow backwards compatible with Wikinews' CC BY 2.5? Or has Wikinews ever thought of migrating to CC BY 3.0 (or even the news 4.0) to explicitly allow for mixing content that comes in under one of these newer licenses? To clarify, Czech Wikinews permits reuse of external content (unlike possibly other language versions of the project) and the project already now reuses (by means of translation) content from a few sources that comes under CC BY 3.0 – is that legal at all under current circumstances? --Blahma (talk) 09:10, 15 June 2016 (UTC)

Major version numbers (2.x to 3.x, etc.) are usually made when backwards compatibility is broken. So 3.x is not backwards compatible with 2.x. Like most groups, Creative Commons feels their latest version is the best choice, so they would probably suggest leap-frogging 3 and move on to CC 4.
It should be possible for 2.x to migrate to 3.x. This would be a good question to ask the WMF legal team. Such a migration will likely require a community-wide discussion and agreement. - Amgine/meta wikt wnews blog wmf-blog goog news 10:56, 15 June 2016 (UTC)
Thank you for your opinion, which aligns more or less with mine. Migrating up to 4.0 would, however, break compatibility when reusing Wikinews content on Wikipedia, so 3.0 might be preferable at the moment. By the way, on the larger scale, I think that compatibility with other non-Wikimedia projects which use 4.0 is one of the reasons why Wikipedia has not yet been migrated to 4.0 – should compatibility remain in both directions, all involved projects would need to do the migration at the same time. Thanks for hinting to ask WMF legal, I will give it a try. I do not know a better place, however, to address the "global Wikinews community" than this one, so it might be difficult to coordinate a migration even if legal says it would be possible. That would definitely not be a task for myself, actually an outsider to Wikinews who just wants to bring in some data, but for someone else who knows the projects better – and I actually wonder why this issue has not already been raised since 2007: whether the global Wikinews community is that small, whether they do not remix that much external content, whether they do not understand the implications… or whether there is some legitimate reason for staying at 2.5. --Blahma (talk) 22:40, 15 June 2016 (UTC)

For the record, I discovered some conversation (rather outdated by today's standard, though) at n:Wikinews:Water_cooler/policy/Archive/16#CC-BY_3 and also a proof, however rare, that CC BY 3.0 has already been used also on English Wikipedia – see for instance n:ETA set off car bomb in La Rioja, Spain. There they claim that the source has a copyright policy compatible with our CC-BY 2.5. Specifically "CC-BY-3.0", which I am not sure is correct reasoning – but it shows that there is a demand for mixing CC BY 3.0 sources in Wikinews. Generally, good starting points for discovering such cases is external link search and full text search.

Further research reveals that, in addition to those few English articles, there are verbatimly thousands of articles based on CC BY 3.0 sources on Russian Wikinews and a few from the same source on Ukrainian Wikinews. Spanish Wikinews have a general and even a source-specific template which refer to 3.0 and the wiki seems to claim that it is OK to reuse such content on Wikinews which uses 2.5 as its main license – and more than fifty articles make use of this. Polish Wikinews n:pl:Wikinews:Współpraca z innymi serwisami has a list of suggested free-licensed sources, including several which run on CC BY 3.0. Perhaps most scandalously, about a third of Portuguese Wikinews 12,000(!) articles are based on a CC BY 3.0 source as marked by the n:pt:Predefinição:Agência Brasil template.

There was a detailed discussion of a possible migration from 2.5 to a higher version at n:fr:Wikinews:Salle_café/2013/mars#w:fr:Discussion_mod.C3.A8le:Pour_Wikinews (dating from 2013) and a shorter earlier (from 2010) at n:fr:Wikinews:Salle_café/2010/septembre#Licence_obsol.C3.A8te_.3F (both in French).

Wikimedia Foundation Legal team has acknowledged the reception of my question and has promised to explore the issue. --Blahma (talk) 22:09, 16 June 2016 (UTC)

Possibly copyvio by sysop on Chinese Wikinews[edit]

Well, I'm discussing this sysop: @和平奮鬥救地球:

Per n:zh:Special:Contribs/和平奮鬥救地球, he copied a number of templates from Wikipedia, e.g. n:zh:Template:Mute, without any mentions on license. Does he really know that WN's license is cc by 2.5, not cc by-sa 3.0? And what policy allowed his such actions? --Liuxinyu970226 (talk) 01:08, 5 October 2016 (UTC)

This is, unfortunately, a fairly common issue across the WMF projects where there are license conflicts. (Much worse on WikiData!) Fortunately, due to license assignment, the victim is the WMF, and the perpetrator is the WMF.
In practice, the appropriate response is to add the correct attribution and license notification to the templates, or a local recreation using different code to accomplish the same effect when working with modules. (Although a gently worded notice to the individual may prevent future issues, it may also precipitate conflict which is much worse than the actual infraction. Avoid conflict first.) - Amgine/meta wikt wnews blog wmf-blog goog news 12:21, 5 October 2016 (UTC)

What's "File"?[edit]

What does the "File" count column in the "Wikinews Statistics" table?

It looks interesting, but I can't find a definition. Thx, DavidMCEddy (talk) 01:58, 29 April 2017 (UTC)

Wikinews, like several of the projects, has the ability to host files - primarily media files. Some of the languages choose not to use files which cannot be hosted on Commons.Wikimedia, to avoid the high expense of curating media files.
Others, such as en.WN, find it extremely difficult to find permissively licensed images which are specifically relevant to news events. As you may be aware, copyright includes a specific exception for news use when the original copyright holder is not a competing news source (which explains why mainstream media are able to regularly display video feed from foreign language news sources - they claim they are not in competition with that news source.) Media which are specifically relevant to en.WN news articles, but may not be hosted on Commons due to licensing issues if used for non-news purposes, must be hosted on the local project. The WMF Board approved such hosting in spring 2005, requiring each WN language to implement appropriate copyright and fair use policies before local hosting may be enabled.
The column is reporting the number of such files hosted. Similar data is available for projects such as Wikipedias. - Amgine/meta wikt wnews blog wmf-blog goog news 03:28, 29 April 2017 (UTC)