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Wikinews/Future talk 2

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The Wikinews Future Talk 2 will be the second Future Talk, this one will focus upon the the portal/neighborhoods proposals on the en Wikinews and the future of Audio Wikinews and WNN. It will be an open, unmoderated IRC session taking place on #wikinews. Members of all Wikinews editions are invited,espesically those interested in starting audio project in their local Wikinews. The chat will take place on irc.freenode.net, the possible time is discussed below.

See Wikinews/IRC for details on how to connect.

Time and date[edit]

Based upon the list below the chat will be held on Monday, August 1 at 21:00 UTC.

Feel free to add times for you that are convenient to you. The time with the most people available will be used. Use the web chat if you don't know how to use IRC. See [1] for time conversion.

                         Saturday, July 30           Sunday, July 31             Monday, August 1
                         21:00 UTC                   21:00 UTC                   21:00 UTC
 CSpurrier               YES                         YES                         YES
 Dcabrilo                YES                         YES                         YES
 MrMiscellanious         NO                          NO                          YES
 NGerda                  YES                         YES                         YES
 Davodd                  YES                         NO                          NO
 Lyellin                 NO                          NO                          YES
 Ryan524                 NO                          NO                          YES


  • Creation of "Editor Collab." tab due to guests usurping "Talk" for a discussion/debate forum. Would keep relevant editor collaboration seperate, but still encourage more participation.
Decision: Vote on it.
Decision: Keep it around.
  • Shortening {{DR}} lifecycle.
Decision 1: Copyvio pages should be speedied and sources should be reposted by the deleter
Decision 2: DR lifecycle should be 48-72 hours. Vote on wiki. No renomination unless a major change has occured.
  • WNN
Decision: WNN (as a streaming version of Audio Wikinews) can work in theory, but needs to be revamped.
  • portal/neighborhoods
Indecisive. More talk needed.
  • Naming sports articles such as the "UEFA CL" series.
Decision: Preface all sports articles with "{sport-name}:" — and reprogram DPLs to replace {sport-name} with a tiny image representing the sport when rendering pages like main page.
Aside: European Football/Soccer will be prefaced with "Football". USA soccer will be prefaced with "Soccer" and USA Football will be prefaced with "Am. Football".

See also[edit]

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