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#wikinewsconnect on is the international Wikinews chatroom for all language editions. English is preferred as a bridging language, though other languages are welcome. The channel can be used to coordinate cross-edition reporting, and to locate people from the right location when you need them. The table below is a list of regulars you may find on the channel, and their respective locations.

Local channels are:

IRC nickname Wikinews username Edition(s) Language(s) Location
Anonymous101 Anonymous101 Anonymous101
and most other Wikinews versions
English (native), French/German/Spanish (enough to communicate at a reasonable level), Portuguese/Italian can understand what you are saying (usually) and give simple replied Bristol, UK
AnyFile AnyFile Italian
Italian (native)
English (advanced)
Milan, Italy
AutisticPsycho TUFKAAP English
English (native) Lynn, Massachusetts
Bastique Bastique English English (native) San Francisco, United States
Blurpeace Blurpeace English English (native) New York, United States
BrianNewZealand Brian New Zealand English English (native) New Zealand
CGorman CGorman English English Mullingar, Ireland
Chiacomo Chiacomo English English (native) Tennessee, United States
Datrio Datrio Polish Warsaw, Poland
Derbeth Derbeth Polish

English German

English (good)
German (basic)
Kraków, Poland
diodesign diodesign English Coventry, UK
Eloquence (formerly Xirzon) Eloquence English German (native)
English (advanced)
Berlin, Germany
eSBeK sblive Polish Polish
English (intermediate)
German (basic)
Bochnia (Lesser Poland Vovoidship), Poland
Faager Faager French French and German (native)
Spanish (I just follow)
FellowWikiNews FellowWikiNews English English (native)
Italian (basic)
French (very very basic)
Ontario, Canada
Flrn Flrn Russian Russian (native)
English (intermediate)
German (basic)
Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia
Fly-Man Fly-Man Dutch


Dutch (native)
English (good)
The Netherlands
IlyaHaykinson IlyaHaykinson English English Los Angeles, California
Holek Holek Polish
Polish (native)
English (intermediate)
Wrocław, Poland
HoolooTwo Hooloovoo English English (native)
Dutch (native)
German (intermediate)
Boxmeer, The Netherlands
Jhs Jon Harald Søby Norwegian, English Norwegian (native)
English (advanced)
Swedish, Danish (intermediate)
German, Spanish, Esperanto (basic)
Trondheim, Norway
KeithH KeithH English English (native)
Japanese (intermediate)
Kailua, Hawaii, USA
koko Kokohuyb Dutch Dutch (native)
English (good)
French (good)
German (basic)
Zonhoven, Belgium
Krzysiu_Jarzyna Krzysiu Jarzyna Polish, en, es, fr, it. Polish, English (basic) Poznań (near), Poland
MessedRocker Messedrocker English English (native) New Jersey, USA
Mike_H Mike Halterman English English (native)
French (advanced)
Spanish and Portuguese (intermediate)
Tampa, Florida, USA
Mikemoral Mikemoral English English (n)
German and Spanish (1)
NGerda NGerda English English, Spanish Santa Ana, California
Nzgabriel Nzgabriel English English (native) South Island, New Zealand
Pechorin Dcabrilo English English, Serbian (Croatian, Bosnian, etc.), Russian Lawrence, Kansas
Redge Redge English English
Dutch (native)
Aldtsjerk, The Netherlands
riorio Mats Halldin Swedish Swedish (native)
English (intermediate)
French (basic)
Spanish (a few words)
Stockholm, Sweden
Roman_92 Roman 92 Polish Polish (native)
Deutsch (intermediate)
English (basic)
Russian (basic)
Wrocław, Poland
Romihaitza Romihaitza Romanian Romanian (native)
English (advanced)
French (intermediate)
Italian and Spanish (I understand)
Cluj, Romania
sinblox sinblox English English (native) British Columbia, Canada
sfullenwider sfullenwider English English (native) Florida, USA
Terinjokes Terinjokes English English (native)
Spanish (basic)
South Florida, USA
WM-Thunderhead Thunderhead English English (native) Kill Devil Hills, NC, USA
Tooby Tooby Italian English Italian (native)
English (advanced)
German (advanced)
Spanish (intermediate)
la, ru, ja, fr (basic)
Milan, Italy
Savant-fou Savant-fou French French (native), English (intermediate) East of France
ShakataGaNai ShakataGaNai English En-US California & Nevada
Diego_Grez Diego Grez English
Spanish (native)
English (near-native)
French (basic)
Pichilemu, Chile