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Wikinews accreditation policy

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Outlines Wikinews' policy for accreditation.
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To assist the recognition of Wikinews contributors as members of the press by third parties, a system of accreditation is applied in some language editions of the project.

The accreditation process is overseen by Wikinews communities. In order to use the term "Wikinews" (a trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation) on press badges, accreditation for an individual by a Wikinews community must be approved by the community itself.

A summary of the Accreditation policy of the Wikinews edition seeking approval may be submitted in English to this talk page.

The criteria for accreditation will be documented on the relevant editions on Wikinews. The Foundation's legal team may revoke approval of the project's accreditation process if it does not ensure that their accreditation system is being used properly.

If you have a complaint about the actions of any accredited Wikinews user, please address that with the community concerned. Only in cases where difficulties can not be worked out with the community should the matter be taken to the global community for dispute resolution.


The method in some countries is for a journalist to file a request for a press pass with an organization (such as a sporting arena, a government or corporate office, etc) and present their credentials issued by a news outlet. The target organization verifies the presented credentials with the news outlet, and following a selection process, issues a press pass to the journalist. The press pass usually allows free access to an event, or priority access to normally off-limits areas.

This system is a means of vouching for trusted users within Wikinews. It is not aimed to supersede any national laws regarding press accreditation. Users should ensure that the press badges given out by their Wikinews edition do not imply recognition by any established press credentialing laws or organizations.

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Proposal regarding accreditation[edit]

  • The Wikinews Foundation would be set up more or less solely to handle Press credentials for Wikinews reporters (and photographers from Commons).