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Future Wikinews Chat Ideas[edit]

  • RSS/Atom and other feed systems
  • Syndication
  • Journalism 101 - connecting Wikinews and Schools of Journalism
  • 4th Column - Citizen Journalism and the position of the press in community and government
  • Neighborhood News: What is appropriate content? How local is Local News?
  • Beats:
    • Government
    • International
    • Arts and Entertainment
    • Politics
    • Business
    • Human Interest
    • Health
    • Agriculture/Farm
    • Commentary/Editorial
  • Editorial Practice - What do editors do and how can they be implemented in Wikinews?

Original Reporting:

  1. How to deal with credibility issue - accreditation, anonymous witness reports
  2. How to protect sources
  3. When can original reports be called into question, how to avoid "POV" as a general purpose accusation
  4. What types of reporting there can be: from pre-announced cultural events to on-the-spot coverage of accidents and disasters
  5. How to integrate existing original reporting projects: Indymedia, OhMyNews, Dan Gillmor's project (should all be invited to participate)
  6. Simplifying contribution - do we need an easier submission screen?


It looked awkward to have a link to the dynamic invite list on the page describing the chat. Putting it here:

People to invite -- please add names/information you think important.