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Shani Evenstein first of all thanks a lot for your this step arranging the Wikipedia & Education User Group online meeting that took place yesterday. Surely this was a nice approach to make a gathering those who are working for WEP. Last 1.5 years i am involved with Wikipedia Education Program. So i will try to gather some point which can be fruitful for the goals of this user group:

    • I think there are lot of volunteers who are working remotely/locally like collaborating with University,Faculties but i think we should get more better result if we can accommodate all under the same sky. as a example: creating a global policy for Education Program as it has lot of advances like the new comer will get a Complete guideline for this.
    • As we are doing the Wikipedia Education Program Activities in many countries i believe its quite hard to maintain or support the volunteers at a time from a focal point like the Program module,grants related activities because its clear that all the Countries do not have same facilities or environment to run the program. So what about if we create some Team by region like WEP User Group America/Europe/Asia/Africa. If this is possible then it will be more easy to work under a coordinator in a region. The region team can be selected by board member.
    • The more important thing to elect the board member for this user group already Ananth subray is working for this. As all the activities will be conducted by their guidelines.

Hope that i am able to make understand my points clearly. If anyone have query or suggestion please dont hesitate to ask. At last Best of luck. Mohammed Galib Hasan (talk) 16:40, 18 August 2018 (UTC)