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Update September 30 2011[edit]

A short email discussion about the "Wikiportret" budget line in the WMNL 2012 yearplan resulted in the comments that the progress on the new version has stranded due to the need for drafting proper requirements and use cases. Rather than dive into an Agile development process, however, the need for Wikiportret (Dutch spelling intentional) should be restated in light of the current upload process on Wikimedia Commons, which has been significantly improved this year. With the new Commons uploader, a new "Wikiportrait" Commons campaign might be introduced, which supercedes the necessity of a separate Wikiportrait website. This test of the new uploader interface should be done first before embarking on new multi-lingual development based on an old business case. Perhaps what is required is a campaign-per-country, since each country may have separate legal issues to consider about portraits of living persons. I think everyone agrees that the need for the functionality is universal and not restricted to the Netherlands. Jane023 10:50, 8 October 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]