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This is a general technical description of the new (2.0) version of the Wikiportrait software.


Wikiportrait is a tool to make it easy for people to upload photographs of famous people (preferably ones that have an Wikipedia article), and handle all of the legal OTRS stuff. For a general description of how the old process used to work see the description of version 1.


  • The uploader (the person who has uploaded a picture to Wikiportrait)
  • The reviewer (the OTRS volunteer who reviews the picture and approves or disapproves it)
  • The admin (a sysadmin who has access to the server where Wikiportrait is currently running)

User stories for new features[edit]

Create a new ticket in OTRS whenever a new image is uploaded[edit]

Whenever a user uploads a new image with description to Wikiportrait an OTRS ticket should be created using the OTRS API. This ticket should include a link to the admin interface with the correct hash so an OTRS volunteer can review it.

The uploader should receive an email with a confirmation of his upload and a link to the static page[edit]

The uploader should have access to a static (read-only) page with his image and the current status of the request[edit]

The reviewer should have access to a review interface where she can approve and disapprove images[edit]

The reviewer should have access to a review interface for her specific language queue[edit]

There can be multiple queues for different languages.

The admin can configure different queues on the server[edit]

This can just be a simple XML, INI or PHP file with different names of queues ('info-nl/wikiportret)

The uploader can read texts on the website in his own language[edit]

This means all frontend user-viewable pages should be translatable.

The uploader should be redirected to a version in his own language[edit]

We need to determine the preferred language of the user (using a combination of the Accept-Language HTTP header and maybe some GeoIP wizardry). See this Stackoverflow answer for a good way of determining this.

The uploader's language of choice should be remembered[edit]

Using a cookie i guess.

The uploader should have the option to change the language[edit]

Accept-Language sometimes fails (with people having set the wrong language), so a manual change of the language should be possible.

After the review has approved an image, the image should be uploaded to Commons[edit]

Probably using the MW API on Commons. This should use some kind of predetermined template that can be filled with all the correct values.