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Tamazight Wikimedia User Group/Gestion/Reports/Report 2020

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All activities are online (Covid19)

2020 meeting online, by messenger FB and telegram[edit]

All activities are online (Covid19)

Meeting on telegram 4 july telegram 2020[edit]

  • Content: Community open letter:Take position for vote
  • Date: 4 july 2020
  • Presents: Anass Sedrati, Reda Kerbouche, Ahmed Houamel

Link: Community open letter on renaming

Meeting on messenger and telegram[edit]

meeting 09/07/2020
  • Add Wikimedia Tamazight as member WikiFranca
  • Discussion strategy - WikiFranca

26 july Editathon[edit]

meeting 26/07/2020 on messenger
  • Discussion about user group and editahon tacawit online and futur activity and projects (Lingualibre, WikiKsour (Zinou), Month of Amazigh (Ahmed), members (activities, role, event), partenership, charter project, traduction, etc)

to be a member, either participate or organize events according to its group objectives and contribute in Wikimedia projects W related to Tamazight languages or culture (any languages for culture): Accepted by Zinou, Ahmed and Reda.

  • Zinou propose to be coordinator of user group, accepeted by Ahmed houamel and Reda Kerbouche

* All activities are online (Covid19)

3 august meeting on messenger Editathon[edit]

meeting 03/08/2020
  • Fixe the date for editathon Wiktionary tacawit , activity online
  • Discusion about charter Wikimedia (translation)

16 august[edit]

meeting 16/08/2020
  • Discussion about editahon Wikitionary tacawit

21 october, charter Wikifranca, on messenger[edit]

meeting 21/10/2020

Discussion about Wikifranca charter , approuved Zinou, approuved Ahmed, approuved

Reda absent

Contact Anass Sedrati messenger, he approuved Wikifranca charter

Meeting and contact about Strategy[edit]

  • 31 october

Send email and call phone schedule Discussion about strategy

  • 16 november

Discussion about strategy

Meeting SWAN about Strategy 29 november 2020[edit]

  • Content: Clobal Conversation

Meeting Strategy WikiFranca 1 december 2020[edit]

Meeting 6 december Global Strategy[edit]


Presentation of Wikimedia projects 23/01/2020[edit]

Presentation of Wikimedia projects 23/01/2020
  • Presentation of Wikipedia mouvement and projects.
  • The work of the Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group


Workshop-WikiMooc and Editathon Wiktionary tacawit- Wikipedia-lingualibre and other projects of Wikimedia 29/08/2020[edit]

Event: Editathon Tacawit on meta

Workshop and Editathon Wiktionary tacawit-Wikipedia-linguialibre and other projects of Wikimedia 29/08/2020

Edit a thon organizeb by Zinou Yahoui, Ahmed Houamel and Reda Kerbouche

  1. Activities online , add words in Wiktionary tacawit by participants, Add 100 new words in tacawit (one day) and transalation and reference. 1000 Words added in one week
  2. Upload Mooc on Wikimedia Commons, meta, and Wikimedia Commons, Live on Facebook Wikimedia Tamazight page
  3. Add Word Shawi and voice recording on Wikimedia Commons and Lingualibre
  4. Add pictures and recordings to Wiktionary articles
  5. Organize Wiktionary by categorys
  6. Participants from different countries
  7. Share edit a thon on social medias (Twitter, Facebook,etc) and association website write article about Edit a Thon Shawi.


Webinaire on Facebook 7 december 2020[edit]

Ahmed houamel presented Wikimedia projects including the Wiktionary chaoui during the Rêvons la Casbah d'Alger event organized by the Association Arts et Patrimoine d'Alger, he explained the Role of the Wiktionary chaoui and projects of Wikimedia in the cultural and linguistic heritage. He described the Wikimedia Tamazight user group as well, and The important contribution of Reda kerbouche. Article of Zerfa chaoui Québec Association and Live Webinaire Article of Zerfa chaoui Québec Association and Live Webinaire , French article

Project WikiKsour Algeria 2019-2020-2021[edit]

  1. WikiKsour Algeria This project is a regional project of the WikiKsour. In Algeria, we can find over than 300 Ksar located in around the country.
  2. WikiKsour is a project that tends, using Wikimedia platforms and tools, to trigger Ksour safeguarding and development, through:
  • Providing general information to public, in order to raise awareness and promote tourism in the Ksours.
  • Providing technical information to professionals, in order to encourage scientific research about the Ksour and facilitate renovation/rehabilitation projects.
  • Allow academics free access to the project to continue research and not repeat the same.
  • Develop a subject for study at university level and other levels of study.
  • Create partnerships with state and university establishments specializing in earthen buildings.
  • Create and organize events and competitions specially dedicated to Algerian ksours

Wikiksour Algeria Team[edit]

  1. Zinou Yahoui
  2. Benslimane Louardi
  3. abdelkader Ben Djaafri