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The Technical Collaboration team supervises community health in Wikimedia technical spaces. This task includes

  • maintaining and analyzing community metrics
  • recommending improvements to keep our community open, welcoming, and respectful
  • handling reports on behavior.

Handling reports on behavior[edit]

We handle reports of unacceptable behavior in Wikimedia technical spaces. We act on them with the aim of protecting victims of harassment, restoring a respectful and friendly environment, and preventing abuse. We keep a record of reports received and actions taken. In complex cases, we act in coordination with the Support and Safety team.

We treat these reports and their discussion with confidentiality. The Technical Collaboration members involved are:

Nick Wilson (Community Liaison) is appointed as auxiliary member in case of absence or conflict of interest by any of the group members above.

The rest of Technical Collaboration team members do not have access to reports and their related information (including the auxiliary members except in the cases where they are involved).

The Technical Collaboration team acts as Wikimedia Foundation's point of contact for the Code of Conduct Committee for Wikimedia technical spaces. As defined by this Code of Conduct, we also handle appeals of resolutions submitted to us.