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Piedmontese Wikipedia[edit]



  • Wikimedia Statistics can be difficult to interpret. What is your impression, how many steady contributors do you have?
    • The real problem for us is not how many contributors, we have some 4-5 steady and up to 15 that are more casual but well identified. What a sall wiki needs is to know who is reading what, and where from. When you can identify your market segment you can target it. We cannot. -- 12:55, 27 September 2008 (UTC)[reply]
  • Are your contributors mostly native speakers?
  • Where do your contributors live (regions/country)?
  • How common is it that your contributors meet in real life?

Other Wikipedias[edit]

Organization and support[edit]

Your Wikipedia and the linguistic community[edit]



  • Is there a generally accepted norm about your language (spelling, dictionary, pronunciation)?
  • How do you deal with different spellings, dialects etc. (like B.E. lift and A.E. elevator)?
    • We emulate namespaces for them in wikipedia: so nobody can say we inflate the number of articles by counting dupes. We try to get a standard for them, so that readers can have some consistent experience. It's not very easy to do it, as the edition is small even on the principal linguistic space. At least it kills conflict from root level. -- 12:55, 27 September 2008 (UTC)[reply]

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