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Tell us about your Wikipedia

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У этой страницы есть версия на русском языке: Расскажите нам о вашей Википедии

Tell us about your Wikipedia, because other Wikipedians often hardly know anything about your language edition. English Wikipedia (like other language editions) has articles about single editions, but this page is to collect reports and impressions that may be not suitable to be put directly into a Wikipedia article.

What to do if there still is no page with your language:

  1. Please copy the content of this page: Tell us about your Wikipedia/Model.
  2. Create the new page named "Tell us about LANGUAGE Wikipedia" (for your LANGUAGE edition, e.g. Tell us about English Wikipedia if it still does not exist).
  3. Paste the copied content.
  4. Answer at each question with your signature.
  5. If you can not answer to everything at once, come back later.
  6. Tell your fellow Wikipedians about this page, they may have different answers.

List of the questionnaires[edit]

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