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Content questions
How to report a problem with content, request new content, or find out more information.

How to create or contribute content, translate content, or help develop MediaWiki software.

How to copy content on Wikimedia Foundation's sites, donate your own, or report unlicensed use of your information.

About the Wikimedia Foundation
Information about the Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikimedia movement or business proposals for the Wikimedia Foundation.

Find out how to donate and information about how your money is spent, as well as what to do in case of problems.

If you're a member of the press looking to contact Wikipedia.

Local Chapters
For information about Wikimedia's international network of associated organizations or how to contact them.

Gtk-dialog-question.svg May I reuse text or images from your sites?

For using our trademarks, please see Answers/Logos.

Note: If you are interested in hosting a mirror or downloading considerable content from one or more of our projects, see this page instead.

The Wikimedia Foundation actually does not own copyright to most of the content on Wikipedia. This material is generally owned by the volunteers who create content on the site who liberally license it so that it can be used on our sites and elsewhere. In principle, most of the text on our sites is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (CC-By-SA) and can be used free of charge for any purpose. A specific permission for use is not necessary, as long as the license conditions are observed. Some text is also available under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).

Images are identified as being subject to any of several licenses. Therefore, if you want to use an image, it is advisable to check the image information page for the source and/or licensing information. Clicking on the image will lead you to the image information page. Most images are free to use as long as you give the proper credits and follow the terms of the license indicated on the image description page.

For more information please see our Terms of Use -- Licensing of Content, section 7(g). There is another page on our websites that may also be of us. While written by the volunteers who create and curate content on our sites, Commons:Reusing content outside Wikimedia may offer more information specifically related to media.

Please note: Neither the Wikimedia Foundation nor the contributors of content to Wikimedia sites are able to provide legal advice. We wish we could give you specific feedback on the content you would like to use, but - unless it is one of our logos or rare content generated by our staff - we cannot. It is your responsibility, if you intend to reuse content from Wikimedia sites, to determine how the licenses of the content that we host apply to your intended uses. If in doubt, you may wish to contact an attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction who has familiarity with intellectual property law.