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2006 board elections


This template is the navigation box for 2006 Board election pages.

On English pages[edit]

Place the following code on English pages:

{{board elections 2006/en}}

On non-English pages[edit]

Create the template
1. Open a new page at "Template:Board elections 2006/code"; replace "code" with the lowercase language code (search codes). For example, the French template should be at "Template:Board elections 2006/fr".
2. Copy the code below to the new page.
{{board elections 2006
 |language               = en

 |2006 board elections   = 2006 board elections
 |organization           = Organization
 |translations           = Translations

 |election notice        = Election notice
 |candidate presentations= Candidate presentations
 |results                = Results
 |statistics             = Statistics
 |FAQ                    = FAQ<!--frequently asked questions-->
 |questions              = Add a question
 |election officials     = Election officials
 |coordinators           = coordinators
 |current requests       = Current requests
 |quick translation      = Quick translation
3. Replace "en" with the lowercase language code (search codes).
4. Translate everything on the right side of the '=' symbol.
5. Once the new template has been created, simply place it on all pages in that language with this code (changing 'en' to the right code):
{{board elections 2006/en}}
6. The template will link to translated pages if they exist (for example, "Board elections/2006/fr" for French). If they don't, it will link to the English pages like "Election notice (en)".

For help translating, see Translations and Board elections/2006/Translations.

Other language versions[edit]