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WMF Home related items have been moved to Translation requests/WMFnews. Thank you for your attention!

Translation requests/quick translation highlights short translations, of only a few words. For new additions to Wikimedia:Home and Wikimedia:Current events, please see the Translation requests/WMFnews. Items on this page include:

  • one or two words (which should be corrected/updated)
  • one line for a notice or navigation-element (like "Back to Main Page")
  • one or a few paragraphs for pages periodically updated (like Current events; but not WMFnews)

Requests whose delivery date are over for more than one month may be removed.


Some examples:

=== Title ===
*need in : languages you'd like to get
*delivery deadline: YYYY-MM-DD 
*source : materials need to translation
* (language codes, if specified) ...

To request a translation into certain language(s), you may list them particularly as

=== Title ===
*'''En''' blah blah blah (= source)

Instead of putting a list, you may create subsections for each language you request as

=== Title ===
*need in : French, Spanish
*delivery deadline: 2007-03-03 
*source : blah blah, blah blah blah...
==== French ====
==== Spanish ====

Current requests[edit]

New request added on 2008-11-26

See Fundraising 2008/core messages/missing