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www.wikipedia.org template is the raw, live HTML source code of a Wikimedia project portal. Changes made there are seen by millions of people within an hour – sooner to anyone who clears their browser's cache. (Note, some portals use the deployment schedule and there will be a delay until release.) Do not edit this code unless you know what you're doing, and do not edit it by hand – intelligent Scribunto modules are ready to assist you. You can experiment with the template in the sandbox. To change language names, romanizations, etc., edit Module:Project portal/wikis. Then get the attention of a Meta administrator who can deploy your changes: place an {{Edit Protected}} notice at Talk:www.wikipedia.org template or Meta:Requests for help from a sysop or bureaucrat.

Administrators: Always follow the instructions on the edit page of www.wikipedia.org template to a tee.


Main talk page[edit]

{{portal talk header|www.EXAMPLE.org}}
<!-- REMEMBER: YOU can edit [[www.EXAMPLE.org template/temp]]! -->
<!-- Please do not edit the code above this line. -->

/temp talk page[edit]

{{portal talk header|www.EXAMPLE.org}}
<!-- Discuss the template at [[Talk:www.EXAMPLE.org template]] -->