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Project portals www.wikipedia.org — live Staging area
www.wikipedia.org template contains the actual, raw HTML code that is displayed at https://www.wikipedia.org/. It is protected to prevent the insertion of malicious scripts or objects. Changes to the template will be displayed to visitors within one hour, but you can usually see them immediately once you clear your browser's cache.

Though www.wikipedia.org template is protected, the staging area is not: anyone can propose changes and updates there (detailed instructions).

Administrators: Always make your changes to www.wikipedia.org template/temp before copying them to www.wikipedia.org template, to keep the two pages in sync (see current differences).


Main talk page[edit]

{{portal talk header|www.EXAMPLE.org}}
<!-- REMEMBER: YOU can edit [[www.EXAMPLE.org template/temp]]! -->
<!-- Please do not edit the code above this line. -->

/temp talk page[edit]

{{portal talk header|www.EXAMPLE.org}}
<!-- Discuss the template at [[Talk:www.EXAMPLE.org template]] -->