Template:Title blacklist log instructions

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Adding entries

Make sure you add entries to the current log.

For requests on Talk:Title blacklist

  1. Take the logging snippets from both Talk:Title blacklist and Title blacklist after your edits. (Mark the request as done, then take the logging snippet provided there; add your regex(es) to the blacklist and then take the snippet there.)
    • For additions, use {{tbl-diff|1161261}}; see {{tbl-log|1161258#{{subst:anchorencode:Example}}}}, which produces addition; see request
    • For removals, use {{tbl-diff|1161261|removal}}; see {{tbl-log|1161258#{{subst:anchorencode:Example}}}}, which produces removal; see request
    • For changes, use {{tbl-diff|1161261|change}}; see {{tbl-log|1161258#{{subst:anchorencode:Example}}}}, which produces change; see request
  2. For single entries, write the entry and log data on the same line.
  3. For multiple entries, put the log data on a line beginning with " #:", then list the entries on new lines below indented by three spaces to set the regexes apart.


entry                             # Admin          # log data
.*Grawp.*                         # Spacebirdy     # addition; see request
#:                                # Kylu           # addition; see request
.*example.*                       # Herbythyme     # removal; see request
.*Grawp.* → .*G[rwa]{2,4}p.* # Mike.lifeguard # change; see request