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Template:Wikimedia Highlights/entry/fi

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This page is a translated version of the page Template:Wikimedia Highlights/entry and the translation is 0% complete.

huhtikuu 2013 ([https://blog.wikimedia.org/2013/06/13/wikimedia-highlights-april-2013/

blog version


Mallineen ohje


This Template:Wikimedia Highlights/entry subpage is only used in Wikimedia Highlights/catalog to format each entry in that catalog, shown in the Wikimedia Highlights main page.


Some items are marked for translation, so this page should be included in pages (notably in the catalog of issues). The code:

{{translatable template|Wikimedia Highlights/entry|2013-04|2013-06-13}}
gives: huhtikuu 2013 ([https://blog.wikimedia.org/2013/06/13/wikimedia-highlights-april-2013/

blog version


The first date is the month of the issue, and the second date the date of publication in English on the Foundation's blog.

An optional parameter may be set to customize the format. Currently the compact format specified with this code:

{{translatable template|Wikimedia Highlights/entry|2013-04|2013-06-13|compact}}

gives: huhtikuu 2013