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  • Wikipedia articles don't use any one standard reference style; though they favor the templates created by the tools described above, you can always write a plain-text citation.
  • Reliable sources for Wikipedia include any source with a history of editorial control (newspapers, books, finding aids, scholarly journal articles, editorially controlled websites). The stronger the reputation or the greater the authority of the author on a topic, the more well received it will be.
  • Though Wikipedia favors sources that are Open Access,[1] it doesn't require them (after all, some knowledge can only be found in print books or behind paywalls). However, a reference to an open access source means that more public readers get a chance to find and read the research they need through Wikipedia. Make sure if you do cite a closed source, you use an unproxied permalink rather than a link specific to your institution.


  1. See for more information about the impact of Open Access on Wikipedia