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Visiting Scholars
Gain full access to a university library as a staff researcher

How it works[edit]

Wikipedia Visiting Scholars are active, engaged Wikipedia editors who partner with an established university library to gain access to its full research resources. Visiting Scholars gain full and free access to the library's online catalogue in order to improve articles on the Encyclopedia. The partnerships are to be unpaid and remote.


  • Visiting Scholars gain full and free access to the library's online catalogue in order to improve articles on Wikipedia.
  • The partnerships are unpaid and remote.
  • They last for a period of 6–12 months.
  • This is an officially credentialed position, which will look great on a resume.
  • An optional trip to the school may be included to give a presentation, if the Wikipedia editor and University can both accommodate it.
  • Wikipedia and the University may both promote the partnerships publicly with their community, through social media, blogs, newsletters, or other channels.


  • An active editor: a Wikipedian in good standing, for at least 1 year and with 1,000 edits (more is preferable)
  • A content writer and research enthusiast: frequently writing, updating, and improving article content, with an interest in the university's area of specialization
  • An ambassador: capable of interacting between Wikipedia's community and the school's community of students and researchers
  • A passionate individual: both about Wikipedia's mission as well as the goals of higher education and academic research


Through Visiting Scholar positions, editors can get full and free access to a top university's entire online and physical library resources to improve Wikipedia articles, as affiliated 'visiting scholars' on staff at the institution. Please sign up if you are a good match, or spread the word to colleagues who might be good candidates. Applications should include:

  • A standard résumé or curriculum vitae that also includes:
    • A link to your Wikipedia profile
    • At least three links to Wikipedia articles on topics in the specialty area to which you have contributed.
  • A cover letter with:
    • A description of your background, including why you contribute to Wikipedia
    • What level of specialty area expertise and interest you have in which fields, regions, or periods
    • A summary of what access you currently have (or don't have) to research materials such as databases and scholarly journals
    • An explanation of why you want to become a Wikipedia Affiliate at the University.
    • A brief outline of the specialty topic(s) and/or specific Wikipedia articles you would focus on during your affiliate year.

Open positions[edit]

There are currently no open positions. Want to host a Wikipedia Visiting Scholar at your university or institution? Contact us!

Filled positions[edit]

Contact a Wikipedia Library representative to set up a Visiting Scholars program in your community