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This page is a translated version of the page Toolforge and the translation is 100% complete.

A Toolforge egy megbízható, skálázható tárhely a wikiken használt eszközök és botok számára. A felhőalapú infrastruktúrát a Wikimédia Alapítvány hozta létre, karbantartását az alapítvány munkatársai és önkéntesek végzik.

A Toolforge a Cloud VPS része, melynek célja, hogy segítse a fejlesztők és rendszeradminisztrátorok számára a Wikimédia (köztük a MediaWiki) fejlesztéseinek kipróbálását, valamint elemzések és botok futtatását.

Az eszközök listája a wikitech:Category:Toolforge tools lapon található.

Fejlesztési információkért lásd a wikitech:Portal:Toolforge lapot.

Webes eszközök

Ez a lista a Toolforge oldalán található webes eszközök listája. Segítsd ezt a listát naprakészen tartani!

Tool Description Status
Page management
addshore/grep Searches for pages whose titles match a regular expression Bug
blankpages List blank pages Working, doesn't have a site selector
erwin85/newpages Searches for all pages that were re-created in a given period in the project (or have been moved to a new page name, by the resulting forwarding) Working
erwin85/shortpages Searches for all pages that are up to 50 bytes long Working
erwin85/subpages Selects all subpages of a given page Working
grep Searches for pages whose titles match a regular expression. Not working
ptwikis/Artigos_curtos Only for ptwiki: Shortest articles in ptwiki, not considering the disambiguation Working, only ptwiki
checkwiki Statistics for checkwiki projects Working
magnustools/html2wiki HTML markup to wiki markup converter Working
magnustools/tab2wiki Tab separated value (TSV) to wikitable converter Working
section-links Shows inexistent section links from or to a page Working, beta
wikilint Reviews Wikipedia articles for some common problems. So far only German and English are supported as article languages. Working, only dewiki and enwiki
Article content
copyvios Attempts to detect copyright violations in articles Working, beta
erwin85/randomarticle Redirects to a random article in a category Bug
missingtopics Finds redlinks in the pages of a category, or of a single page, and sorts them according to number of occurrences Working
render Toolkit with various tools: Article monitor Product List Generator and more Not working
sighting/deep_insight For wikis with FlaggedRevs: Shows unsighted pages by category, including subcategories Working
sighting/deep_out_of_sight For wikis with FlaggedRevs: shows out-of-date sighted versions by category, including subcategories Working, in German
sighting/random_out_of_sight For wikis with FlaggedRevs: Shows out-of-date sighted versions that only differ a little by size (typo fixes etc) Working, doesn't have a site selector
sighting/outofsight For wikis with FlaggedRevs: Randomly shows articles in de.wikipedia with out-of-date sighted versions ?
templatecount/index Count the number of templetes transclusions Working
templatetiger/template-choice List of templates ordered by number of transclusion Working only by url params (example), doesn't have a site selector
templator Generates templates from forms Not Working
catfood Category-based RSS feed for pages and images. Working
catnap Lists Wikipedia articles in a category grouped by their other categories Working
catscan2/catscan2 Complex category tree and template intersections Working
catscan2/quick_intersection Fast and simple category tree intersections Working
catscan2/pages_in_cats Counts pages in a category Working
add-information/no_information Get files with no {{Information}} or similar template, optionally filtered by user Working
cropbot Crop jpg images in Commons Working
fist Search for free images to add to Wikipedia articles, or replace non-free images and placeholders Working
imagemapedit editor for image map definitions as used by ImageMap extension. It is shown directly within the image description pages ?
file_reuse Bring image with drag and drop, and then show thumbnail and attributes Not working
magnustools/file_reuse Drag'n'drop a file onto it, and show a thumbnail and attribution. Working
magnustools/wiki2playlist.php Generates a .M3U playlist for audio/video files hosted on Commons, from a Wiki list or category. Working
steinsplitter/bilderwunsch Only for dewiki: Several random lists for the German-language Wikipedia generated. Working, in German
svgcheck Check for errors in SVG files Working
videoconvert Converts a video file to Commons in the WebM format Working
wikishootme Find places nearby that have articles on Wikipedia but no images yet Working
images Show images filtered by category and others filters and allow to vote in them Working
User properties
ggu API for users groups lists in wikitext, JavaScript and CSS Working only by url params (example)
meta/accounteligibility Analyzes a given user account to determine whether it's eligible to vote in the specified event Working
meta/stewardry Estimates which users in a group are available based on their last edit or action Working, slow
pb Database page of the Personal acquaintances project Working, in German
stimmberechtigung Checks the right to vote in German Wikipedia Working, in German
User contributions numbers
xtools/ec Edit counter Working
xtools/sc Simple edit counter, no separation by namespace Working
xtools/editsummary Determine the proportion of edit that have edit summary Working only by url params
xtools/pages Created pages counter Working
ptwikis/Usuário Only for Portuguese wikis: Edits, uploads, right to vote, sysop eligibility and user groups in Portuguese wikis Working, in Portuguese
Contributions lists
erwin85/contribs Shows the contributions for multiple users Working
intersect-contribs Show pages edited by two distinct determined users (help to find sockpuppets) Working
ipp Only for dewiki: IP patroll Working, only dewiki
magnustools/get_distinct_authors Generates a distinct list of authors for a set of articles Working
magnustools/herding_sheep.php Shows the contributions for multiple users defined by a category Working
meta/catanalysis Analyzes edits to pages in the category tree rooted at the specified category, or pages rooted at a prefix Working
usersearch/usersearch Shows the contributions for a determined user in a determined page Working
wikihistory Only for dewiki: Show details of page history Working, only dewiki
ptwikis/Patrulhamento_de_IPs Chart of anonymous edits and patrolled anonymous edits Working, in Portuguese
Global contributions
guc Lists of lasts contributions in all wikis Working
meta/crossactivity Shows user's latest edit and bureaucrat or sysop activity on all wikis Working
meta/gusersearch Searches for global accounts Working
meta/magicredirect Redirects to an arbitrary URL with tokens based on user and wiki filled in. Working
meta/stalktoy Shows edits and usr groups for a user in all wikis Working
quentinv57-tools/tools/sulinfo.php Shows edits and usr groups for a user in all wikis Working
commonshelper Assistant to move images From others wikis to Commons Working
flickr2commons Uploads Flikr imagens to Commons Working
geograph2commons Uploads Geograph.org images to Commons Working
magog/oldver Transfer the old versions of files from Wikimedia projects to Commons Working
simplecommonstransfer Transfers files to Common Not working
url2commons Upload files from generic URLs to Wikimedia Commons Working
audetools/coords Number of coords in wikidata per region Working
bene/itemsbycat Itens in Wikidata by category Working
not-in-the-other-language Looks for Wikidata items that have a page in one language but not in the other Working
reasonator Presentation of an item with the associated information Working
wikidata-todo Some lists of tasks to do in Wikidata Working
wikidata-todo/important_blank_items List of items that have many language links (main namespace only), but do not reference other items Working
ptwikis/common-iw List of articles in enwiki and others languages but not in determined language, ordered by number of languages Working
glamtools/treeviews Monthly view statistics for category trees Working
tsreports Maintenance lists for all wikis Working
wikiviewstats Pageviews statisticss Not working since 1 Oct 2014 or earlier
ptwikis/Linha_do_tempo Only for ptwiki: Chart with several data about Portuguese Wikipedia per month Working, only ptwiki
ptwikis/Filters Graphs about Abuse Filter actions Working
External data
deadlinkfinder Checks all external links in a wiki page Working
coord Show articles who need illustration. Working
geohack Generate links for several geo-services sites for a coordinate Working
locator/coordinates Make a coordinate template from a map position ?
ISBN, ISSN, URI, standard data, etc
isbn/IsbnTextFormat Formats ISBNs in continuous text Working, in German
isbn/IsbnCheckAndFormat ISBN tester and formatter Working
isbn/IssnCheck ISSN checker Working
isbn2wiki Searches books for a given ISBN Working
addshore/regextester Regex tester Bug
giftbot/weblinksuche.fcgi Only for dewiki: Searches for link in pages, like Special:LinkSearch, but can also filter by namespace Working, only dewiki
icalendar Only for dewiki: Export of several calendars at the German language Wikipedia in iCalendar format Working, only dewiki
jury Application for vote ?, in German
persondata Only for dewiki: Looking for an article about a person in the German Wikipedia Working, only dewiki
searchsbl Search some wikipedia spamlists for a given url Working
snapshots Download MediaWiki Software snapshots Working
toolscript Simple user scripting Working
tusc Toolforge user account control Not working
url-converter convert google redirects to original url Working

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