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OTRS access & activity policies[edit]

OTRS policies apply to certain volunteers who receive OTRS access to community, chapter, user group, staff, role, and/or temporary queues. Community queues are limited to users who have applied and been accepted as OTRS volunteers.

Access to community queues is for responding to emails and inquiries sent to the general information addresses of the Wikimedia projects. Under the OTRS activity policy, access to the community queues solely for viewing inquiries or verifying existing permissions is not an acceptable reason to hold an account. As a result, inactive accounts may be disabled after six months of inactivity.

OTRS volunteers encounter nonpublic PI—names and email addresses—in the “from” line of emails they receive. The content of emails they receive may also contain additional PI.

Consistent with the access to nonpublic information policy and confidentiality agreement, nonpublic PI that has been obtained by an OTRS volunteer should not be shared with anybody unless a valid exception applies.