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About this event[edit]

This event was inspired by the learning experience gathered by the coordinator during the Info visibility on Wikipedia as a participant. The coordinator noticed the huge gap existing between English Wikipedia articles and Igbo Wikipedia articles. Many articles in English Wikipedia are yet to be added or translated into Igbo. To assist in filling this existing gap, the idea for this program came to play where articles on Nigerian women in English Wikipedia will be translated into Igbo. In this regard, having such a passion to contribute to the language knowledge space, and involve the Igbo Wikimedians User Group Community, Wikimedia UG Nigeria/Anambra Network and NAU Academia Wiki Fan Club members, Translation of English articles to Igbo, Degharịa n'asụsụ Igbo was organized in my community to collaboratively teach new knowledge and skills as a way to improve resources, create more visibility and readership on Igbo language projects.


The in-person training will take place on the 19th of October, 2022 where both new and old editors will be trained on how to translate English Wikipedia articles to Igbo using the content translation tool. Practical sessions will follow up immediately after the training and participants will register on the outreach dashboard for recording of their edits as they participate in the contest which will start same day (19 Oct. 2022) and last for 10 days. The event dashboard will stop recording the edits at exactly 23:59 pm on the 29th of October, 2022 and the participant's contributions will be evaluated by the facilitators for quantity, quality and completeness. Three Winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) with the highest quality and complete contributions, would be awarded with gift vouchers worth:

  • 1st: Gift voucher worth N10,000
  • 2nd: Gift voucher worth N8,000
  • 3rd: Gift voucher worth N6,000

All active participants as tracked from the outreach dashboard will be issued a certificate for active participation at the end of the event. The contest would serve as an evaluation tool to determine the impact of the training on the new editors while the gift voucher would stand as recognition for contributing to one of the largest knowledge space in the world and motivation for active engagement in the movement.


  • Date:19th-29th Oct. 2022
  • Time:10.00am WAT
  • Venue: Nigerian Book Foundation, Awka, Anambra State

How to participate[edit]

To participate, log into the event dashboard and also sign your name under participants. The link for online follow-up meeting will be shared in the event Whatsapp group. You can sign by typing in #~~~~ under participants below


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  6. Anyaegbumercy (talk)
  7. Amakasquare (talk)
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  12. Nneka Ibeanu (talk)
  13. Sayvhior (talk)
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  17. PassionateLibrarian (talk)
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  20. FaveyCee (talk)
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  26. Cynty1 (talk)
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  29. Chimeeoffor (talk)
  30. ANULIUGOO (talk)
  31. IgboDay (talk)
  32. Nkirukaofoedu (talk)
  33. Chyanykanu (talk)
  34. George.chuksy (talk)


  • Presentation slides
  • Edit-a-thon guidelines will be given (hybrid)

You can contact Obuezie for questions, suggestions or collaboration.



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