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This is a closed translation request.

  • We got it. Thank you!
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Due to technical reason, some published versions cannot be found at a glance from this table. Before creating your language version, please consult Wikimedia:Wikimedia:Fundraising Translations. Some lanuages are already submitted and need no more help right now.

Translation status (refresh · edit)

(en) English
  Wait until further notice

(en-gb) English (UK) ·create

(en-us) English (US)
  Wait until further notice

(ru) Russian Русский
  published, too late for changes

  Wait until further notice

(zh-hans)Chinese-simp.簡化中文 ·create
(af) Afrikaans ·create
(bg) Bulgarian Български ·create
(bn) Bengali বাংলা ·create
(ca) Catalan Català
  not started
(ce) Chechen Нохчийн ·create
(da) Danish Dansk
  published, too late for changes
(el) Greek Ελληνικά
  published, too late for changes
(eo) Esperanto ·create
(et) Estonian Eesti ·create
(fa) Persian فارسی ·create
(fi) Finnish Suomi ·create
(fo) Faroese Føroyskt ·create
(gl) Galician Galego ·create
(he) Hebrew עברית ·create
(hi) Hindi हिन्दी ·create
(is) Icelandic Íslenska ·create
(hr) Croatian Hrvatski ·create
(hsb) Upper Sorbian Hornjoserbsce ·create
(hu) Hungarian Magyar
  published, too late for changes
(id) Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia ·create
(jv) Javanese Basa Jawa ·create
(kk) Kazakh Qazaq ·create
(ko) Korean 한국어 ·create
(lt) Lithuanian Lietuvių ·create
(ml) Malayalam മലയാളം ·create
(ms) Malay Bahasa Melayu ·create
(nb) Norwegian Bokmål ·create
(oc) Occitan ·create
(oc) Odia (Oriya) ଓଡ଼ିଆ ·create
(pms) Piemontese Piemontèis ·create
(ro) Romanian Română ·create
(sk) Slovak Slovenčina ·create
(sl) Slovenian Slovenščina
  partially translated
(sq) Albanian Shqip ·create
(th) Thai ไทย ·create
(tl) Tagalog ·create
(uk) Ukrainian Українська ·create
(vec) Venetian Vèneto ·create
(vi) Vietnamese Tiếng Việt ·create
(yue) Cantonese 廣東話 ·create
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