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This is the HTML that visitors to individual language wikis will see as a site notice on each site. These can often be found at MediaWiki:Sitenotice on your local site.


  • Final updates needed in each language: Sunday Sept 19
  • Fundraising drive begins: Monday Sept 20. If you do not have a sitenotice set up by this date, you will get a default notice in English (which can be edited by any admin).

How to set up your translation message[edit]

Copy the translated message to the page MediaWiki:Sitenotice on your local wiki (just follow the "target" link next to your language below). This will likely be protected, so you may need to be an admin, or to find a willing admin, to do this.

As soon as you edit the page labelled target next to your language's name, the sitenotice will be live, and will be visible on the top of every other page on your language wiki.

How to change the presentation of your translation message[edit]

You can modify your site's global CSS settings to change how the sitenotice is displayed. See for example.


Please add the status of your translation on this page after each update.
(see also protected translations on each wiki)
translation should say:

Wikimedia Fundraising Drive. Help us raise $50,000. See our fundraising page for details.

af:MediaWiki:Sitenotice ar:ميدياويكي:Sitenotice bg:МедияУики:Sitenotice cs:MediaWiki:Sitenotice cy:MediaWici:Sitenotice da:MediaWiki:Sitenotice de:MediaWiki:Sitenotice el:MediaWiki:Sitenotice en:MediaWiki:Sitenotice eo:MediaWiki:Sitenotice es:MediaWiki:Sitenotice et:MediaWiki:Sitenotice fi:Järjestelmäviesti:Sitenotice fr:MediaWiki:Sitenotice ga:MediaWiki:Sitenotice he:מדיה ויקי:Sitenotice hi:मीडियाविकि:Sitenotice id:MediaWiki:Sitenotice is:Melding:Sitenotice it:MediaWiki:Sitenotice ja:MediaWiki:Sitenotice ko:미디어위키:Sitenotice la:MediaWiki:Sitenotice lb:MediaWiki:Sitenotice nl:MediaWiki:Sitenotice no:MediaWiki:Sitenotice pl:MediaWiki:Sitenotice pt:MediaWiki:Sitenotice ro:MediaWiki:Sitenotice ru:MediaWiki:Sitenotice sl:MediaWiki:Sitenotice sv:MediaWiki:Sitenotice vi:MediaWiki:Sitenotice zh:MediaWiki:Sitenotice