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Translation requests/WMF/OurProjects2006

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This is a closed translation request.

Note: This is a template used on Wikimedia Foundation website top page and fundraising pages.

New version of Template:OurProjects, used on Wikimedia Foundation Official site front page.

  • New
    • Wikiversity; three variables added:
      {{{WikiversitySubdomain}}}, {{{WikiversityName}}}, {{{WikiversityDescription}}}. Description is now discussed.
    • Wikispecies related values are changed:
      {{{WikispeciesSubdomain}}} removed, since there is no language division.
  • How to Work
    • Click on the link for your language on the right to create or edit the page in your language.
    • Fill all variables. Values are expected in your languages.
    • Preview and save.
    • Upload it to the Foundation website.