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  • 100%: En, Fr, De, It, Ja (on the website)
  • 75%: Es
  • Needed:
  • /Ar "Title"
  • /Eo "Title"
  • /Nl "Title"
  • /Pl "Sponsorzy" Done
  • /Ru "Title"
  • /Zh "赞助者" Done
    • For technical reasons title wouldn't be available in your own language.


other langs are available on the website.
The Wikimedia Foundation would like to thank the sponsors of Wikimania.  Their support makes the event possible.

| valign="top" | [[Image:AnswersReflection1.gif|250px|left| powered by Gurunet]]
| valign="top" | [] is a free, ad-supported, reference search service, created to provide you with instant answers on over a million topics. is a licensee of content in many languages, and is an enthusiastic supporter of our charitable mission.
|[ Socialtext Incorporated] is enterprise social software for collaboration. Socialtext captures the best features of web-native tools called "wikis" and "weblogs" and brings them inside your enterprise to create a collaboration and knowledge tool that works the way people do.
|[[Image:DCLogo schrift aufrot.jpg|100px|DocCheck AG]] 
|[ DocCheck] is a service for doctors and pharmacists. It runs the wiki-based medical lexicon [ Flexikon].
|[[Image:Logo dbv.gif|80px|German Library Association (Deutscher Bibliotheksverband - DBV)]] 
|[ German Library Association (Deutscher Bibliotheksverband - DBV)]

==Become a Sponsor==

If you are interested in supporting Wikimania, please contact our team at [].