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Translation requests/how to use

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Requests are listed on Translation requests (abbr. TR). Pending requests are found in the Current requests section. Unprocessed requests for translation into your language may also be found in the Almost done requests section.

Requests are listed as follows:

  1. Translation requests/WMF/disclaimer - New
    Expected date: 2006/12/10
    : Fr, Ja, Ru
    Cs, De, It, Nl, Pt, Sv, Zh; Pl, Tr ...

First, a link to the source document or workplace is given. In this example the linked page will be your workplace; you will find the source document there. Create your translation from a link on that page.

Expected date is the date the translation is planned to be released.

The status of translations is indicated with icons. The icons correspond to the following levels of completion:

  • Done = "published" on status scale; your translation has been released on the official website a/o sent to the media. Thank you!
  • Request for release = "finished" on status scale; your translation is already proofread, copyedited and waiting for release. If you have a proofread version in your language, please update the chart and notify coordinators that your version is ready to released.
  • Translated; your translation is almost done. Copyedit and proofread is the next step. If you are the sole translator of your language, put your translation in this status once, and please come back the next day. Translations may appear differently after you have a short break from it. Otherwise, you may call for help from Translation teams.
  • Being translated = "started" on status scale; Translation is progressing but not finished. Too early to copyedit. Or it may mean the source document was recently been updated, and the current version of your language is requested for matching the updated source.
  • Requested; translation is requested or has just barely started. Note that we always welcome all languages, and you needn't feel shut out even if you don't find your language explicitly listed. You are always invited to create your language version!