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Twelve Apostles of Ireland Challenge

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Twelve Apostles of Ireland Challenge


Points and participants

Full rules

Many thanks to the Umepedia Challenge for seeting such a fine example and for their template, as well as to the Galicia 15-15 Challenge for reusing it.

  • What: This was a public writing competition around the Twelve Apostles of Ireland, hoping to create and improve articles on as many articles as possible. The possibilities were one article on each of them, one on all the Twelve and one on their teacher, Finnian of Clonard. The list of articles, which must be updated every time one creates a new article, can be seen in the articles section.

  • When: The challenge would run from 00:00 27 March until 23:59 5 May 2018 (UTC), eventually being terminated on 19 April due to low participation.

  • How: The contest is simple in structure, based on a KISS point system: You got points while improving articles, with the goal for each participant to gain as many points as possible. Each new article was worth 5 points, each kilobyte added 1 point, there being additions to the promotion of articles to good or featured. Uploading pictures on Commons for saints who did not have any yet also rendered 10 points. Detailed rules can be read on the full rules section.

  • Who: Any Wikipedian with a named account (on any wiki) could help in any language to collaborate on writing and/or translating articles. To participate one just needed to sign up on the points and participants section and start counting their own points.

  • Why: The main objective of the challenge was to improve articles on this basal aspect of the rich Irish Christian tradition. The best scorers had the right to receive a Wikipedia pin, special medals and blessed icons as rewards, and all others will get participation medals. Details on the prizes can be read on the full rules section.



According to rule 3.1, the article was terminated early on 19 April 2018.

  • First place: Tuga1143, contributing in Portuguese and Mirandese (146 points)
  • Second place: AMPERIO, contributing in Galician (38 points)
  • Third place: Iñaki LL, contributing in Basque (11 points)