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Twelve Apostles of Ireland Challenge


Points and participants

Full rules

All you have to do join this contest is to add your username below with a link to your home language userpage; then, when you create or improve pages in any languages, come back here and add a link to each page under your name, with the score you claim.


The summed up scoring method (detailed in the second article of the full rules) is the following:

  • +1 point for each +1,000 bytes of added content in any language.
  • +5 points for each creation of an article in any language, as long as it is over 1000 bytes.
  • +10 points for each file uploaded in Commons for any saint who did not have any pictures yet.
  • +25 points for a Good Article in any language.
  • +50 points for a Featured Article in any language.


One who creates a 4000-byte article in Hindi for Finnian of Clonard, adds 2600 bytes to the English article on the Twelve Apostles of Ireland, and adds 1500 bytes to the English article on Columba, promoting it to good article, should add the following code:

[[:w:Username:Example|Example]] (37 points)
* [[:w:hi:Finnian of Clonard]] 5 + 4
* [[:w:Twelve Apostles of Ireland]] 2
* [[:w:Columba]] 1 + 25

It should look like this:

Example (37 points)

Points and participants[edit]

Tuga1143 (146 points)[edit]

AMPERIO (38 points)[edit]

Leefeni de Karik (25 points)[edit]

(Disclaimer: According to article 2.3 of the rules, I cannot be ranked, but I may regardless count my own points.) 00:38, 20 April 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Solde (6 points)[edit]

Iñaki LL (11 points)[edit]


Athena in Wonderland (6 points)[edit]

ThomasPusch (6 points)[edit]