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Umepedia Challenge
May 1 - May 31, 2014

A bit about the background to why we are doing this

Umepedia is aimed at improving Umeå’s digital presence – and establish Umeå as a QRpedia town. The work will mainly take place during 2014 when Umeå is the European Capital of Culture. The idea is to provide an easy way for visitors and citizens to access information about the culture in Umeå in a modern way, where the vast majority already is looking for information – on Wikipedia, the sixth largest website in Sweden.

In 2013, the project group made an inventory of how Umeå’s culture (in a broad sense) was described on Wikipedia, primarily in Swedish. This inventory is the basis for the work that will take place in 2014, when new articles will be produced and old ones will be improved.

In order to make Wikipedia’s material more available the project aims to install information signs with so called QR codes on them. These signs will be placed around Umeå, adjacent to the main sites that are described in the Wikipedia articles. With the help of QR codes visitors can easily find relevant information on their smart phone – and in their own language!

Umepedia is currently a collaboration between Wikimedia Sverige, Umeå University, Umeå Municipality, Sweden's National Heritage Board, Common Culture of Umeå, Rödåsel Bygdegårdsförening and Nykterhetsrörelsens Bildningsverksamhet Norr (NBV).

Our hope is that this contest will lead to a lot of translations to show how fantastic our community is and spur even more cooperations and more media interest!

Kind regards,

John Andersson (WMSE) (talk) (on behalf of the Umepedia project team)

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