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Umepedia Challenge
May 1 - May 31, 2014

List of articles to improve and translate

These are the articles to work on and translate, and the only ones that will give you points in the Challenge.

Articles to work on
Number English Wikipedia article Swedish Wikipedia article Wikidata item
1 Umeå Town Hall Umeå rådhus Q10709194
2 NorrlandsOperan Norrlandsoperan Q7053360
3 Västerbottens museum Västerbottens museum Q3578460
4 Guitars – the Museum Guitars – the Museum Q15980608
5 Kulturväven Kulturväven Q15982300
6 Gamla bankhuset Gamla bankhuset Q10502451
7 The Court of Appeal for Upper Norrland Hovrätten för Övre Norrland Q10526701
8 Umeå City Church Umeå stads kyrka Q4348256
9 Scharinska villan Scharinska villan Q10663150
10 Umeå Institute of Design Designhögskolan i Umeå Q7881526
11 Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå Konsthögskolan i Umeå Q4671458
12 Bildmuseet Bildmuseet Q4907651
13 Norrland's University Hospital Norrlands universitetssjukhus Q2000141
14 Kyrkbron, Umeå Kyrkbron, Umeå Q3603778
15 Gamla bron Gamla bron Q3603782
16 Bothnia Line Botniabanan Q3289
17 Storgatan, Umeå Storgatan, Umeå Q10681271
18 Sparken Sparken Q10674434
19 Umedalen skulpturpark Umedalens skulpturpark Q2293110
20 Vänortsparken, Umeå Vänortsparken, Umeå Q10717405
21 Döbelns park Döbelns park Q10478622
22 Arboretum Norr Arboretum Norr Q5702508
23 Umestan Umestan Q10709148
24 Umeå Central Station Umeå centralstation Q3374603
25 Umeå Old Prison Umeå gamla fängelse Q4491003
26 Grön eld, Umeå Grön eld, Umeå Q10509958
27 Västerbottens regemente Västerbottens regemente Q7944387
28 Totalförsvarets skyddscentrum Totalförsvarets skyddscentrum Q10700597
29 Rödåsel Rödåsel Q2091049
30 Umeå School of Business Handelshögskolan i Umeå Q1228854
31 Norra skenet Norra Skenet Q10602562
32 Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts Restauranghögskolan vid Umeå universitet Q10651272
33 Umeå University Umeå universitet Q1144565
34 Umeå University Library Umeå universitetsbibliotek Q10709207
35 Universum (building) Universumhuset Q10709747
36 IKSU Iksu Q1654001
37 Umeå Energi Umeå Energi Q10709162
38 Västerbottens Folkblad Västerbottens Folkblad Q7944384
39 Västerbottens-Kuriren Västerbottens-Kuriren Q2261865
40 von Ahnska magasinet von Ahnska magasinet Q10716747

Extra articles[edit]

These six extra articles are added as we have had some good developments recently and we hope to place signs next to them as well! We hope you find them interesting! John Andersson (WMSE) (talk) 09:26, 20 May 2014 (UTC)[reply]

Articles to work on
Number English Wikipedia article Swedish Wikipedia article Wikidata item
1 Baggböle manor Baggböle herrgård Q10424673
2 Aschanska Villa Aschanska villan Q10419250
3 Lev! Lev! Q16912811
4 Konstvägen sju älvar Konstvägen sju älvar Q1782998
5 Mariehemsängarna Mariehemsängarna Q10577328
6 Klabböle kraftverk Klabböle kraftverk Q16388354
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