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Universal Code of Conduct/Coordinating Committee/Election/2024/Candidates/Newmanila44

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Newmanila44 ([[Universal Code of Conduct/Coordinating Committee/Election/{{{year}}}/Questions#Newmanila44|Questions]])

Account Newmanila44 (talk meta edits global user summary CA)
Candidate details
  • Languages: English and Tagalog
  • Region: Southeast Asia
  • Active wikis: History
  • Wikimedian since: 2024
Selected home wiki {{{home wiki}}}
Type of seat (regional; community-at-large; or both) (division of regional seats) Regional
Candidate Introduction
Introductory statement / Application summary (maximum 200 words): Why are you running for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee? What would you contribute? To make Wikipedia beautiful.
Please describe your Wikimedia experience (such as contributions to the Wikimedia projects, memberships in Wikimedia organizations or affiliates, experience working on conduct issues in your community, activities as a Wikimedia movement organizer, or participation in building Wikimedia policies). I used to edit and ask for permissions.
Professional Experience, Skills and Education
Please briefly describe 3 situations that show how you worked on, or advised others on, a complex conduct or policy issue. How did you work with others to address the situations? One, how to lift your ban from editing Two, think what do you edit before you edit a page and Three, appeal a ban lift.
Leadership Experience
Can you describe a policy, on wiki or off, that you helped to create or change? What did you learn from this experience? Edit policy and Biography policy.
How have you been able to empower people to make their voices heard? By getting some help from other people that you can run to.
Sometimes in professional situations, there are personality conflicts. Explain how you remain productive even with personality conflicts. I work my conflicts by meditating my self after or before class.
Strategic Thinking
In your opinion, how can the U4C be a positive influence in the Wikimedia movement? To convince more people to join the Wikipedia.
How would you help the Universal Code of Conduct develop and improve over time? By reading the policies and instructions and also encouraging people to join.