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This is an old version of my user page; see User:פֿינצטערניש for my current one.

Formerly Finsternish; this is the same name in native Yiddish orthography. I am a disabled post-operative trans woman of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. My Jewish parents raised me conservative; I now consider myself a humanistic Jew/Yid and only one of my three partners is Jewish. My pronoun is she. I contribute to a number of projects, usually without incident.

Ekse Finsternish; ĉi tio estas la sama nomo en sia indiĝena jida ortografio. Mi estas malkapabla postoperacia transseksa aŝkenazino. Miaj judaj gepatroj edukis min kiel konserveman; mi nun konsideras min kiel humanistan judon/aŝkenazon kaj nur unu el miaj tri partneroj estas judo. Mia pronomo estas ŝi. Mi kontribuas al diversaj projektoj, ordinare senprobleme.

Previemente Finsternish; isto es le mesme nomine en su native orthographia yiddish. Io es un femina yiddish, incapace e trans postoperatori. Mi judee parentes me elevava como conservative; io ora me considera como judea humanista e solmente un de mi tres partenarias es judea. Mi pronomine es illa. Io contribue a plure projectos, usualmente sin problema.


For transparency's sake: Senselessly censored information, sources and discussion on Dareen Tatour from the English Wikipedia. The reason for the erasure of this long list of sources, information, translations, etc. was purely punitive and had nothing to do with improving the quality of the encyclopedia.

I was once told that if you run into a problem and this is not usual for you, you probably are dealing with difficult people, but if you only run into such people, you may be the person with the problem. Very rarely have I had any problem with anyone while contributing to a collaborative project. However, I do have a limited amount of time and energy I can contribute to such projects, and I would simply rather contribute to the ones where this sort of thing does not tend to happen.

I am obviously not going to appeal the fact that I was just blocked from editing my talk page there, as to do so would involve giving an excessive amount of information to people I have no reason to trust.