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  • When this page was created, I was Steward. I resigned in 2023, but the statement is still true, as far as I know. Update this page if situation changes.

I am in China, Venezuela, or any other censored place and I want to edit, but I am globally blocked. Please unblock the IP![edit]

Sorry, No Open Proxy (which is our policy) prohibits edits originating from an open proxy, therefore unless that range is no longer open proxy, I will not unblock it. But you are eligible for exceptions.


  • The recommended way is to privately email stewards(_AT_)wikimedia.org (direct contact form). You can use any language, we'll do our best. Include:
    1. the IP mentioned in the error message you got,[1][2]
    2. the username you use or would like to use and
    3. the reasons why you think the global block was in error or why you need to use Tor.


  1. Error message like this:

    Your IP address has been blocked on all wikis.

    The block was made by $1 ($2). The reason given is $3.

    • Start of block: $4
    • Expiry of block: $5

    Your current IP address is $6. Please include all above details in any queries you make.

    If you believe you were blocked by mistake, you can find additional information and instructions in the No open proxies global policy. Otherwise, to discuss the block please post a request for review on Meta-Wiki.

  2. Error message like this:

    Your IP address, $1, has been automatically identified as a Tor exit node. Editing through Tor is blocked to prevent abuse. For additional information and instructions to legitimate users, see the no open proxies global policy.

I am unfairly blocked by administrator on (your wiki). Please desysop him (or unblock me!)![edit]

Sorry, Stewards do not engage in local disputes. This means we are not tasked to arbitrate your dispute with someone else, or desysop somebody because they 'unfairly' blocked you. Whether to keep them as an admin or not is the decision of the community, and Stewards alone has no authority to arbitrarily desysop somebody for that reason. Stewards' task, according to the policy is "to implement valid community consensus within the bounds of the Foundation's goals". There must be a community consensus to do something with the permissions, except they resign or you can convince me that there is a genuine emergency (i.e. This admin is deleting everything, protecting everything, blocking everyone who has spoken against them (the point in these examples are everyone/thing), or "admin A is blocking user B, and admin C is unblocking B, and they're repeating this" kind of emergency.).

I am using Opera Browser, and I am unfairly blocked![edit]

Sorry, No Open Proxy (which is our policy) prohibits edits originating from the VPN server — which Opera enabled by default, therefore unless that range is no longer open proxy, I will not unblock it. But you can simply read this how-to page and follow the reverse (for the step 4 on Android and Step 6 for desktop) to disable the VPN. Or you can simply use another browser like Firefox.

Same applies for Apple iCloud Private Relay or WARP+. (How-to disable them: read this).