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NWS stands for New Wiki Setup.

Procedures to configure the preferences on new wikis, or on the wikis I am not an active member of the community.

New wiki notification is sent out via the mailing list, if someone wonders how do I get the new wiki notification.


Paste User:-revi/globalUP and the respective talk page. Meta userpage has __NOGLOBAL__, so meta userpage won't be displayed on new wiki.


This part is largely moot (except signature) thanks to the GlobalPreferences. This has been migrated to GlobalPreferences, so is still true anyway. I just no longer set it per wiki.

User profile[edit]

Set signature to

— regards, [[User:-revi|<span style="color:green;font-family:Courier new, serif;font-variant:small-caps">Revi</span>]]


  • Time offset: Asia/Seoul
  • Show hidden categories: true
  • Enable Media Viewer MUST BE FALSE if it exists.
  • If there is a choice between "source editor" and "visualeditor", choose "source editor".
  • ⧼pref-languages⧽


  • Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary (or the default undo summary): true
  • Temporarily disable the visual editor while it is in beta: checked if it exists.

Recent changes[edit]

  • Use non-JavaScript interface: true


  • Email options
    • Email format: Plain text
  • Notify me about these events
    • Emails from other users MUST BE FALSE
    • Enable everything related to mention fail/success
  • Cross-wiki notifications
    • Show notifications from other wikis: false.

But why?[edit]

Email echo notification is disabled because I don’t feel comfortable chunks of incoming mail being stored on wiki.

VE is best editor for newbie, but maybe not for oldbies, and works not that good on mobile.

The WMF from-beta-to-prod functions (i.e. Compact Language lists, MultimediaViewer) interferes with my work as Wikidata and Commons admin respectively, therefore it is disabled. RecentChanges improvements are disabled because I frequently access RC on mobile and it is slower on iPhone.

Cross-wiki notification is disabled because old Synchbot has generated +700 talk page notifications. I don't want to invest time fixing that notification. I'd rather live in prehistoric ages.

And finally... this is public because this has nothing private (I keep list of email/ping banned users privately) and you lose nothing for being transparent.