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My own SE voting criteria. This rule will be the single rule for all future SE after 2020, so I will not write anything specific about the candidates here. This is more about the rule I use to evaluate every candidate on an election.

election for the newbies[edit]

I expect my new colleagues to meet at least following criteria, and will oppose if any of the answer is NO to me. This is a bare minimum, and you might get 'no' vote even if you pass this rule.

  1. Do they understand written policies and procedures around Stewards?
    • I don't expect non-stewards to know all the hidden customs around our work when you are not part of us, but you should at least know what is written in the stone.
  2. Do they understand 'cross-wiki'ness of our work?
    • Doing stuff as a steward is bit different from doing stuff as local sysops, and I think it's quite an important value so I want my new colleagues to know it before they join the team. Unlike #1, you don't need to be a Steward to understand this; you can demonstrate this by GR/GS experiences, SRG reports, etc etc.
  3. Do they have track records of requesting something to be done by Stewards?
    • I want people who will work with me to have an experience requesting it. I don't think it makes a good sense to request some button you have never requested to be used. It helps you pass #2, because if you request some button to be used, it means you will understand cross-wikiness of our work.
  4. You also have to pass my local RFP criteria:
    1. You need to understand policies and guidelines Replaced by SEV#1.
    2. You should not have a strong "ego" (Noun #1)
      • From my experiences, when you have too strong 'ego' (- 'self-importance'), you tend to create a battleground, failing to suppress your self-importance to yourself.
    3. You need to have some track records to verify #1 and #2 Replaced by SEV#3.


I don't vote during the community consultation period. I only vote on the final verdict. I don't vote in the confirmation just to say keep. I have biases (in a positive way) on all current Stewards I have interacted with, thus I am probably not the best person to offer the critics on them. This means, I might vote to remove someone, though.