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Aafi shares his life and IP with Ujaala
manzil qarīb dekh ke itrā'iye nahī,
manzil ke ās pās hī kitne bhatak gaye!

- Khālid Iqbāl Tā'ib Jaunpūrī
Aafi's goat is watching you!
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The wisest leaders I have known are lifelong learners. They allow others to teach them. In fact, they relish being the student. .

— Linda A. McLyman, Wise Leadership

About me

Hi, I'm Aafi, and I have been a Wikimedian since March 2019. I am the founder of the Deoband Community Wikimedia, an AffCom-recognised affiliate user group. I have two doppelganger accounts, TheAafi and عافی, and a unique mobile-only account, AafiOnMobile.

My work

I am a sysop on Wikimedia Commons and on the Urdu Wikipedia, and volunteer as a translation administrator across several projects including Meta-Wiki. I am a global renamer and a member of the Volunteer Response Team. I feel happy when asked to help, and consider myself a learner. I am comfortable with English, Hindi, Kashmiri and Urdu languages.

Contact me

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