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Arguments for doing things my way[edit]

Help:Contents formatting[edit]

Help:Contents User talk:Patrick User talk:Elian

My arguments are:

  • the list is so long, that it is hard to edit.
    • because the list is so long, editors will give up on correcting the page.
  • There is no whitespace between major topics, and when reading, or editing they all merge, and (this is the second major point) numbered lists, when seporated by a blank line, all start at 1.!
  • The list is so long that it does not fit on one screen, but the table of contents at the top, which is created by using the headers, IS capable of fitting on one screen,
  • If the header table of contents is not liked, it can easily be hidden.
  • having seporate editable sections(by header), makes editing the page even less of a problem, as the maintainer will not accidentally place a link in the wrong section.
  • I am willing to continue maintaining this help:contents page... but only if there is some whitespace to break down the long list.
  • I am willing to change the page back to my formatting without reverting other changes that have been done since.
  • I'd like a chance to show what I've learned over the years, (I know I'm a new user here), I know that change is hard, but I'm willing to guarantee that this will save time/ make it easier to manage.
  • I'm an arse hole! I'll continue flame wars on topics that I care deeply about, but in as a general rule, I will not engage in edit wars... (meaning that I will keep my chatter on discussion pages, IRC, mailing lists, etc)
  • I could be willing to compromise on other things, and or put effort into something else as well..
  • This list of arguments is fairly standard for me, so from now on I'll just make a copy of these arguments and place them on my user page, I'm not _THAT_ obsessed with this feature, to be trying to scare you into following my will. (actually, I don't want to be annoying, but I know that a huge list can be annoying for a small ticket item.. but I actually think that this is a rather big ticket item, due to the popularity of the page)
  • Also, headings allow for a wiki link directly to the topic. (i could do my own A name field, but that isn't automatic)
  • Also, I don't like doubly nested numbered lists, and I don't know how to do an alphabetical list!