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I'm Aaron Peterson, I work for a document scanning company.

I wanted to make my living deploying wiki solutions... but I have to learn quite a bit more before I do that. Now, I'm looking for a fork lift driving job, or introductory management position.

My contributions


 MrDarkUser on
 206 334 5925  (Kent, WA USA)
 ICQ 2302806

 Kent, WA 98032

 My favorite email gets: incinerated at yahoo
 (you can add the dot com)
 my main email is:
 alpeterson gmail
  (same extra instructions as above)

Test Pages[edit]

/pre play /div play /Main Page refactor2 /toc play class name play /generated toc play /css play

Wiki Experience[edit]

How I got into wikis[edit]

/How i got into wikis

sites (in timeline order)[edit]

Wiki Goals[edit]

And, I am starting a project called Fractodendron, which aims to create, or encourage development of a distributed P2P content management server system for the masses. (my projects are at my wiki, linked to above)

I am planning to base my project on a wiki, and I should know the wiki very well, and make sure that others can use it very well too.

Wiki Habits[edit]

/Wiki habits /Wiki habits#loner /Wiki habits#spelling /Wiki habits#relations /Wiki habits#keeps content /Wiki habits#offline major revisions /Wiki habits#links to related content at top of page

Wiki Philosophy[edit]

/Wiki philosophy

Desired Features[edit]

most desired features[edit]

  • namespace hiding for current namespace. I hate piped links, they make wikis be not wiki.
  • Conditional navigation links -- based on what category is selected
  • Conditional header --based on what categories the page is in
  • Case insensitivity in wiki links. A MUST FIX for me to
  • BackLinks with exclusion possibility is can take care of nested category problems.
  • newline as newline
  • customizable wikitags -- I want to have a few be "user defined", maybe based on category. or a howto to hack a few that I don't use.. THIS WOULD FIX A LOT OF FEATURE REQUESTS SATISFACTORALLY
  • page ordering -- a list of links, on one page should be able to serve as a "seed" for creating a previous and next button, for documentation, and long lists.
  • collapsing text boxes -- so a summary can be shown all the time, and a detailed explanation can be expanded -- like the table of contents feature.. but more integrated.
  • share watchlists -- it should be possible to show your watchlist, it is a possible privacy issue though
  • Save as while editing a page, choose a different wiki name to save it as, provided it doesn't exist already
  • Talk Merging -- like another thing that I just wrote, but merge talk pages with content page on a single click
  • external address different icon for external vs changed name external -- it´s possible to trick people into going to a spoof of a bank´s website and enter credentials. (with piped link)
  • Having mediawiki version be one of the Variables
  • a book construct which embeds multiple wiki pages together, and or provides chapter navigation
  • Category create page form In the category page, there should be a wizard to create a new page in that category.
  • sub pages and namespaces should be merged.. there is no reason to keep them separate concepts, the features or orthogonal, and complimentary.
  • searching is so very important, it needs to be a top priority
  • moderation system
  • previous / next when viewing old versions of a page.

less desired features[edit]

  • The subway station and The train man -- a name for the system that can do seamless wikipedia upgrades.
  • interwiki redirects -- this is important for keeping wikimedia projects connected.
  • en:Ted Nelson's en:Xanadu functionality! LOL
  • fork page -- (this page reminded me of the idea) -- basically a way to end flame wars, and could possibly build on the same history, saving a lot of diskspace on a mature page, and maintaining heiratige... or liniage information... -- basically same as "save as" above
  • BackLinks -- I'm getting along ok with categories though...

revenue generating ideas[edit]

  • user reminders for peak times / resource intensive features based on statistics

Features found that were on the list[edit]

  • nested categories -- categories are great, but one should be able to list under another one, as there are nearly as many possible categories as there are articles... my convention of using backlinks is more scalable though... but.. nested categories is already a feature of MediaWiki! horrah!
  • tolls were found to be a bad idea, however, we need to have our licence protect this freedom to search.

Category:Telephone book Category:Feature requests

Declaration of bias:[edit]

(edited version of User:Eloquence's statement, suited to fit me)

   * I am not opposed to irrationalism, because, like a random seed to a quicksort, it works for survival--sometimes.
   * There is no "intellectual property". So I can't be opposed to it. (except it's an irrationalism, so I have to deal with others that want to survive)
   * I am in favor of personal liberties (speech, drugs, self defence)
   * I am opposed to activities that harm the greater group (abortion, sex, drugs etc.). but not strongly opposed.
   * I am in favor of many of the ideals of democracy, capitalism, and communism, (these are organized religions)
   * But, I am more in favor of a working social system.
   * I am not a pacifist.

wikimedia foundation issues[edit]

I think that there needs to be some sort of equal search clause in the declairation of what is to be maintained free.. bah, it's probably a moot point, because anybody can get all the data... well, that's just it, searching the data is hard.

I really think that wikimedia really needs to achieve 503c status.

and needs to keep it's search up! (which is probably dependant on getting more server hardware, or better optimizations that require lots of developer time)