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User:AaronPeterson/Wiki habits

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I have been a lone wikier, and have little experience working with others. I have some of my own terminology, and have spend many, many hours thinking about wikis. I am used to being unopposed, however, I believe that I am naturally well tempered, but I may speak harshly or crudely when positioned in a WikiWar. I will, however, at the same time be considering what I can consede.


I don't really care for spending lots of time correcting spelling. I will use Konqueror for it's spell checker if need be. (even though it's always loading pages from URLs in the clipboard, and poping up invalid URL messages)


I tend to view many things as being relaited, even when others don't. I would prefer to be given a chance, as I can explain the connection, or subtleties of meaning.

keeps content[edit]

I always attempt to find a place for content on the web site, and or keep content live on another page. (however I finally learned that one should click on the date in the page history to view the older version of the page... and this isn't as important for me now) however, live pages are more respectfull to a previous author.

offline major revisions[edit]

I try to develop new versions of high trafic pages on a prototype page, then make the move in one quick move, with the old site a wikilink away.

links to related content at top of page[edit]

navigation is a very important issue, I want categories to be at the top of the page! grr.... however! due to the wonders of css, I should be able to make categories float at the top of the page. (I hope)

I don't like having to scroll a long way to find the related content, that I was really searching for.